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I refuse to travel without my chic and roomy Béis Weekender Bag

As someone who loves pretty things, I’m a huge fan of aesthetic travel gear. From my packing cubes to my toiletries bag that no one sees, I thrive in the style of it all. This obviously includes my luggage — and it’s no secret that Béis has become the It Girl™ luggage brand on Instagram.

When Béis reached out to see if I wanted to test the brand’s original Weekender Bag, I couldn’t wait to see what the hype was about. First launched in 2018, the brand’s first product quickly became a cult favorite.

My besties, it can literally fit everything. When paired with packing cubes, I was able to fit everything I needed for a two-week trip — including sweaters. The framing of the bag means that it stands up wide and straight while open, so you can just drop your stuff in it and fill up every corner. Every time I look for something, I’m basically Mary Poppins. But instead of an umbrella, I’m pulling out cute shoes.

And before you ask: Yes, it does fit under the seat in front of you even if you’re flying basic, basic, basic economy. I’ve often used it as my personal item instead of a tote bag.

The Navy color is just so classic. 

$108 at Béis

Before we move on, you need to know that the bag comes in nine colors. Not everyone is into the navy as I am, and I guess that’s fine (ish). The Béis Weekender Bag comes in a soft baby pink and a classic beige. OK, now let’s get into what makes The Weekender the go-to duffel in my travel arsenal beyond the Mary Poppins-ness of it all.

The bag is water-repellent and has protective metal feet on the bottom, so I never have to worry about the fabric getting gross. It also has a classic detachable adjustable strap and two handles at the top.

Like every duffel bag worth your money, there’s a front zip pocket ideal for a phone, earbuds, keys, hand sanitizer and a Dior Lip Oil (or two, speaking from experience). There’s a sleeve and multiple slip pockets inside. Unlike other duffel bags, it also has a back pocket that can be used as *another* zip pocket or as a trolly pocket so you can attach it to any luggage.

Credit: Béis
Credit: Béis

Another key thing is the super thick and structured bottom compartment. I’ve fit everything in it from, four pairs of sandals to approximately six hardcover books. And unlike other duffels, it doesn’t impede the space in the main compartment.

My only major gripe about the Béis Weekender Bag is its size. I’m barely hitting 5’3″ on a good day, which means the duffel bag is aesthetically…very overwhelming for me. Luckily, I have no issue physically carrying it! But I sometimes feel like a little pipsqueak when using it.

Still, I will take the odd proportions over not traveling with my Béis Weekender Bag. I’m worried I’m starting to get separation anxiety, but that’s what therapy is for! We love all of it.

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The Navy color is just so classic. 

$108 at Béis

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