Behold: Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s full relationship timeline

kyle richards and mauricio umansky respond to divorce rumours
Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s full timelineMichael Kovac - Getty Images

Last year, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky went through yet another bout of rumours about their relationship — only they actually seemed to have some validity. The couple was together for roughly 30 years and admittedly went through “a tough year” that they described as the “most challenging one” of their marriage.

Currently, the two are officially separated, but Kyle and Mauricio have gone through a lot of drama during the past three decades — so naturally, we’re taking a look back at their relationship timeline. Starting allllllll the way back in....

Circa 1992

Kyle and her first husband Guraish Aldjufrie split after welcoming their daughter, Farrah Brittany.

Circa 1994

Kylie and Mauricio meet and fall in love! If you want to know specifics, Kyle told The Knot, “We actually met in a nightclub called Bar One, which is now Bootsy Bellows. It’s so funny to me because now our kids go there and we’ll say, ‘Well, that’s actually where we met 27 years ago.’

"Twenty-seven-plus [years ago]! [Mauricio] thought I was Demi Moore’s sister — and I had actually been told that [before] — so he worked up the courage to come over and say hello, thinking that I was her sister.”

Mauricio ended up proposing by hiding a rose-shaped ring case among a real bouquet while at dinner, and Kyle said yes!

20th January, 1996

Kyle and Mauricio get married! Here’s a brief gathering of their cute anniversary posts (iconic outfits incoming).

And here’s some pictures of their newlyweds vibes.

FYI, Kyle told The Knot, “The wedding was originally going to be, I believe, in April, and then we moved it up to January so my dress would still fit because I was pregnant.”

18th June, 1996

Kyle and Mauricio welcome their daughter Alexia!

18th January, 2000

Kyle and Mauricio welcome another daughter Sophia!

8th March, 2008

Kyle and Mauricio welcome their youngest daughter, Portia!

Circa October, 2010

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs, and a medium named Allison DuBois predicts the downfall of Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage.

Circa 2013

The first batch of Mauricio cheating rumours get brought up on RHOBH, and Kyle isn’t thrilled about it being a topic of discussion.

9th November, 2019

Kyle reflects on 26 years together with some cute throwbacks:

15th February, 2020

Kyle opens up about making things work with Mauricio after over two decades of marriage.

“I met my husband at 23 years old and you change a lot during those times,” she tells Us Weekly. “You know, you hit forks in the road — I think they say you change every seven years? I don’t know, I think it’s probably less than that — but you hit a fork in the road and you can either go together on that road or you see things differently and you go on different roads.”

She adds, “We’ve always been on the same page with our goals and our morals and how we want to raise our children and what we want out of life, so that’s made it easier. But, I mean, he was a kid and now he’s a man. I was a kid too and I’m a woman…but we’ve really allowed each other to be ourselves and support each other through that because that’s a big part of it.”

21st June, 2020

Kyle celebrates Mauricio’s 50th!

And Father's Day with a very special post, adding in the caption, "Happy Father's Day @mumansky18 You became an instant Dad at 24 years old when we met. One of my favorite things about you is watching how you are with our girls 🥰 You are so loved & we are so lucky. Thank you for being the most loving , teddy bear of a Dad to our girls. I love you! ❤️"

20th September, 2020

This gets posted on DeuxMoi, and people are quick to assume it’s about Kyle and Mauricio, setting off — you guessed it — another bout of rumours.

22nd October, 2020

Kyle opens up about the latest split rumours, telling Us Weekly, “It used to get me so upset when lies were out there about me. I’m gonna get myself so worked up and so emotional. And now, I really just like — oh, my God. I can’t believe it. But this [new] one threw us for a loop. This last one, because we didn’t know [about it], I don’t have a Google Alert or anything either.”

She adds, “We posted a picture in Aspen together and somebody wrote in the comments, ‘I’m so glad to see all the rumours aren’t true.’ And [Mauricio] looked at me and he said, ‘What are they talking [about in] this comment?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know. Let’s google.’ We were like, ‘What?’ And then, like, a week later, people were texting me [and saying], ‘I hope everything’s okay. I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’”

26th June, 2021

Update: Things are going well!

12th January, 2022

Mauricio celebrates their wedding anniversary with some sweet musings:

14th February, 2022

And then Kyle drops a ton of cute throwbacks to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

19th June, 2022

The vibes continue to be positive through the summer, when Kyle talks about what an amazing father Mauricio is:

Mid-August 2022

RHOBH alum Dana Wilkey posts a theory on Instagram that Dorit Kemsley is having an affair with Mauricio, writing, “The fans can’t stop talking about this! Thoughts?”

Dorit hits back in the comments section, writing, “Is something wrong with you woman? Or are you just so miserable in your life you have nothing better to do? You’re definitely one of the thirstiest people I’ve ever seen, I guess it’s just as simple as that? 🤷🏼♀️ Kyle and Mau are our friends and my kids call them uncle and auntie. Do you think this is ok for my kids to see when it’s a disgusting lie? If this is the only way you can make a buck then so be it but at least have some decency and stop trying to peddle false narratives especially when you know there is ZERO truth behind it and your whole motive is to just hurt people for no reason. It’s sad, pathetic and bound to bite you in the ass inevitably.”

21st September, 2022

Dorit goes on Watch What Happens Live and speaks about the affair rumours, saying, “I mean, what do you think I feel? Honey, listen, when something is so ridiculous, you just kind of discount it. It’s something that sticks a chord only because Mau, PK, Kyle and I, we’re friends together and it is such a nothing and to have someone start those vile rumours, it’s gross.”

11th January, 2023

Mauricio kicks off a tumultuous year with a birthday shout-out to Kyle, calling her his “queen.”

14th February, 2023

He also posts on Valentine’s Day. Things seem fine!

11th April, 2023

Mauricio shuts down mounting divorce speculation on Two Ts in a Pod, saying, “We’re not getting divorced.…I mean, it’s so dumb. [There’s] that one stupid story that came out there and then the girls all, you know, decided to talk about it on the Housewives and so now it’s a storyline. So there’s definitely some stories out there, and Kyle and I address it and we’ll take it from there. It is what it is.”

He adds, “They really brought it up to Kyle, which is kind of bitchy and super mean because, particularly the girls, they actually know what’s going on and they know exactly what it’s all about.”

19th April, 2023

After being photographed without her wedding ring, Kyle tells Page Six, “It started all from a stupid picture of me without a ring on. (a) I haven’t been wearing my big diamond ring, because there’s a lot of crime these days and I’m like, ‘I’m not comfortable.’ And (b) I had just come from the gym lifting weights, so I was like, ‘That thing sparked that?’ I don’t know.”

22nd April, 2023

Kyle and Mauricio attend the Homeless Not Toothless gala and an insider tells Page Six that Mauricio is “very affectionate” with Kyle.

homeless not toothless hollywood gala
Jesse Grant - Getty Images

3rd June, 2023

A source tells People that Kyle and Mauricio are done, saying, “Kyle and Mauricio have been separated for a while now but are still living under the same roof. They remain amicable as they figure out what’s next for them and their family.”

Kyle and Mauricio then release matching statements, saying, “In regards to the news that came out about us today...Any claims regarding divorcing are untrue. However, yes, we have had a rough year. The most challenging one of our marriage. But we both love and respect each other tremendously. There has been no wrongdoing on anyone’s part. Although we are in the public eye, we ask to be able to work through our issues privately. While it may be entertaining to speculate, please do not create false stories to fit a further salacious narrative. Thank you for the love and support, Kyle & Mauricio.”

Meanwhile, Medium Allison enters the chat with, “My phone is blowing up from reporters now that Kyle and Mauricio have separated. So, here’s my comment: ‘I don’t wish Kyle ill, I hope she finds what she’s looking for. I guess I’m the only one who ‘saw’ this coming. People kept telling me I was picking up on Camille’s divorce NOT Kyle (Okay, you arm chair psychics can sit down now).’ Mic drop.”

4th July, 2023

Kyle and Mauricio make it clear they’re together and spending time with their kids:

8th July, 2023

Kyle shuts down speculation that she’s in a secret relationship with Morgan Wade, telling photographers (per Page Six), “We are very good friends.” She then confirms that rumours of romance are just that — rumours — and when asked about their matching tattoos, says, “She’s not the only one I have matching tattoos [with].”

10th July, 2023

Page Six reports that despite filming on RHOBH technically wrapping “months ago,” cameras “picked back up” amid Kyle and Mauricio’s drama. As an insider puts it, “This development has rocked the Bravo world. Producers know fans want a glimpse into how Kyle and Mauricio came to this decision.”

12th July, 2023

A source tells Us Weekly that Kyle and Mauricio “almost ended their marriage” but “after the [split] news broke, they decided to give their relationship some more care and are building back up their foundation.”

14th July, 2023

Kyle jokes “Must be the Ozempic 😜🤣” on Mauricio’s recent gym thirst trap.

15th July, 2023

Erika Jayne tells Billboard, “I’m going to let Kyle really explain, but they’re not splitting. They have had a very hard time. They’ve acknowledged that. And I think it’s best that she, throughout this season, tells her own story.”

20th July, 2023

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that “Kyle and Mauricio’s relationship is a work in progress” and that “she is taking things day by day.” As far as the future goes, their kids come first and “they want to keep their family unified no matter what happens.”

25th July, 2023

Kyle opens up about her and Mauricio’s statement during an Amazon Live, saying, “We made a point to say that divorce is not being discussed. It’s weird to have to acknowledge to millions of strangers that you’re having problems. It would be nice to be able to work through issues in your life without everybody kind of watching and weighing in on it, but when that article came out, we didn’t really have the choice, so that’s why we wrote that on our Instagram and posted that.”

She also chats about being spotted without her ring:

10th August, 2023

Mauricio makes it clear he’s very much here for Kyle's music video with Morgan Wade in the comments, ahem:

20th August, 2023

Kyle and Mauricio go on holiday with their entire family (swipe for the group pic):

30th August, 2023

Kyle is put on the spot about where things stand with Mauricio during an Amazon Live and says, “That’s a very loaded question. You know this has been very hard to do, playing out with so many people having eyes on us and being in the public eye. But obviously, we care about each other a lot, you saw, here we are on [holiday], and...that’s what I’m going to share."

26th September, 2023

It seems like things are good between Kyle and Mauricio (for now, anyway). Kyle showed out for her “estranged” husband as she cheered him on in the crowd during his first Dancing With the Stars performance:

Per E! News, Kyle also posted on her Instagram Stories to encourage fans to vote for Mauricio so he can stay in the competition. Before his dance, Mauricio opened up about his participation in the series and noted that it had been a “rough year” for him amid his split with Kyle.

28th September, 2023

Mauricio gives an interview saying, ahem: “We were dealing with our own things, kind of, super quietly and internally, just our own issues. I mean, certainly, we’re not separated. We’re not divorced at this point. We are not any of that stuff."

Kay, but wait for it:

29th September, 2023

Mauricio backtracks, telling TMZ that he and Kyle ARE separated: “Kyle and I are human beings, okay? We have emotions, we have feelings, we’re going through a really hard time, okay? We are currently separated, we are not talking about divorce, and we’re trying to deal with this stuff internally with ourselves privately.”

1st October, 2023

Days after Mauricio’s statements to TMZ, Kyle is interviewed by a photographer at LAX, who questions her about whether or not she and Mauricio are indeed separated. “We are. We’re separated,” she states before adding, “No more. Just no more. Please.”

Unfortunately, the pap doesn’t respect the reality TV star’s wishes and Kyle then urges, “I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sure everyone else is sick of hearing about it.”

3rd October, 2023

Mauricio opens up about his relationship with his wife amid their separation to People and says, “We’ve been married for 27 years...We’re having a bit of a rough patch.”

He adds that “sometimes life throws you different things” and “you’ve gotta work through it. She and I currently are separated, but we are not throwing in the towel. We’re not just saying that to say that. We actually are not yet throwing in the towel.”

He also confesses that he wants the public to know that “it’s very difficult to be in the public eye and have so much inquisition when you’re going through something tough.” Plus, he continues, “My wife is just being looked at so intensely and it’s really not fair. She’s just a person. She’s an amazing human. She’s my best friend and she does not deserve to be so judged of everything she does.”

25th October, 2023

Kyle doesn’t hold back on WWHL when asked about recent pics of Mauricio holding hands with his Dancing With the Stars pro-partner Emma Slater.

“I was taken aback,” she says. “Yes, that was very hard to see. It hurt my feelings. I don’t know if anything has happened yet, but obviously there’s something there. Listen, I love him very much and we are amicable, but that really did hurt me.”

Kyle then confirms that she deleted her supportive Instagram because of the hand-holding pics, but adds, “I also voted for them. Yeah, I did. I have proof that I did too. I even sent the proof to the family chat. I did my votes and I sent the screenshot to the family chat.”

26th October, 2023

Mauricio and Emma put out a whole video, the vibe of which is ~WE’RE JUST FRIENDS WE SWEAR!~

31st October, 2023

A source tells Us Weekly that Kyle and Mauricio “aren’t getting along” and that the “catalyst for the separation” was Mauricio’s wandering eye. The insider also notes that Mauricio and Emma have “a highly flirtatious relationship [and] seem a little too close.”

5th November, 2023

Kyle breaks down in tears while talking about Mauricio at BravoCon, saying, “All I know is we love each other. We still live under the same roof and we both want the best for each other.”

She also uses the word “divorce” for the first time during a red carpet interview:

27th October, 2023

In a new promo for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley points out that Kyle and Mauricio have been spending a lot of time apart.

At the same time that the trailer drops, Kyle makes an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Mark and reveals, “It’s been rough. This is uncharted territory for me. It’s been difficult. Fortunately, it was amicable. It’s hard. My main concern is our daughters, who’ve been amazing, my four best friends. It is hard.”

4th November, 2023

Kyle opens up about Mau's hand-holding incident on the Two Ts in a Pod podcast and says, “But listen, we are separated. So we’re allowed to do what we want. It’s just, you know, strange to see. I don’t know. We were married almost 28 years. So that’s hard to see."

23rd November, 2023

Amid the former couple's separation, Kyle and Mauricio reunite for Thanksgiving, per Page Six.

20th December, 2023

Mauricio goes on a trip to Aspen with Brazilian singer Anitta and YouTube star LeLe Pons.

25th December, 2023

Kyle manages to join Mauricio, and the two spend the holidays in Aspen together with their daughters. That! Said!!!! Just two days prior, on 22nd December, the real estate mogul was spotted with influencer Alexandria Wolfe, whom he is reportedly “getting to know,” according to People.

22nd January, 2024

Kyle steps out in Los Angeles while wearing a jacket emblazoned with her (former???) married name, Umansky. Needless to say, it's probably nothing!!! But that doesn't stop fans from full-on spiralling at the thought of a reconciliation.

12th March, 2024

In a sneak peek at the third instalment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 reunion (via People), Kyle discusses how the continuous rumours over the years about Mauricio cheating began to “chip away” at her.

Apparently, the whispers about the alleged infidelities can even be traced back to season 4. However, regardless of all the rumours, Kyle reveals, “[Mauricio] would say to me, you know, we can't care. We know the truth and you know. Of course, there's always that little voice in my head like, ‘What if this is true?’ People would say these things all the time...”

“Even if they’re not true,” interjects her sister, Kathy Hilton.

During another point, host Andy Cohen asks Kyle, “Did those rumours over the years cause you to chip away at your trust for him?” to which she says the following through tears: “Yes. And they made me feel insecure.”

Btw, in the second part of the reunion, Kathy dropped the bombshell that, “[Kyle's] not a compulsive person. She didn't decide this in three months. For sure, I bet she had been thinking — in my feeling — probably in the last three, four years.”

Aaaaaand that brings us up to date. Make sure to check back in for more updates as they come!

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