Becca Bowen Kissed Her Leading Man in 'If I'm Being Honest' Video: 'I Was So Nervous' (Exclusive)

The country singer's latest music video was "a little bit out of my comfort zone," she tells PEOPLE

Becca Bowen has made a career off her ex-boyfriend.

It began with the release of her viral, fan-favorite song “Son of a Gun,” which told the unbelievable story of the day that the country music artist watched him bring another woman to her concert. And on her forthcoming EP, County Line and her current single "If I'm Being Honest,” the saga continues.

“These are the stories of the last few years of my life of being cheated on and getting my heart broken to finally living it up,” Bowen tells PEOPLE from her home in South Carolina. "Now, I’m finding my dreams and finding myself again. I didn't need a man to make me happy."

And it’s this newfound happiness on display in the new music video for “If I’m Being Honest,” premiering exclusively on PEOPLE. “It shows all the different sides of me and how different men and women handle breakups,” explains Bowen with a laugh.

<p>Kelsey Cotton </p> Becca Bowen

Kelsey Cotton

Becca Bowen

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Indeed, in a span of the nearly four-minute video, Bowen can be seen doing everything from eating ice cream in a pair of sweats to basking in a hot bath with a glass of wine at her side. But the video truly takes off when her friends show up, ready to pick Bowen up for a night out on the town.

“Women have to process their emotions, and usually it takes their friends to get them out of the house and out of a rut,” says Bowen of the storyline of the music video directed by Sam Aldrich, who has also recently worked with Gabby BarrettBailey Zimmerman and Nate Smith. "Sometimes it takes your friends to say, 'You got to get over this. Stop pining away over some dude who did you wrong.'"

Of course, Bowen has been fairly open about ‘that guy’ who did her wrong, but unlike the “Son of a Gun” video, he does not make any surprise appearances. Instead, in this video, Bowen can be seen flirting with her leading man, actor Christopher Essex.

<p>Kelsey Cotton </p> Becca Bowen

Kelsey Cotton

Becca Bowen

And she didn’t just flirt with him.

“So, the director called me and told me that I had to kiss this guy at the end,” Bowen says of the sexy climax of the music video. “I've never met that guy before the day of the shoot. I thought I was going to throw up. I really did. I was so nervous.”

But then the director yelled 'action' and after a few encouraging words, Bowen was ready. “It was such a fun scene. And it really just shows how I'm just going to go and live my life.”

Certainly, Bowen’s professional life and personal life always have seemed woven together, as the woman whose career took off when she won season 5 of the Outdoor Channel’s reality show, For Love or Likes in 2021 still communicates with the ex that serves as the cornerstone of so many of her songs.

"He's just so good about everything, and I do appreciate that," she says of her ex. "You never know how somebody's going to react when you come out and tell your story and show the dirt that you've been hiding for a while."

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Granted, Bowen’s ex has yet to see this music video.

“I don't know what his reaction will be,” admits Bowen. “I think the video may shock some people because it's a little bit out of my comfort zone. It pushed the limits just a little bit. I've never really put myself out there like that before. But I wanted to deliver the message. I think so many people are going to be able to relate to this.”

And while many focus on the stories behind Bowen’s songs, her new EP truly showcases a voice that she never seems to get enough credit for.

“My background is gospel and blues and country,” says Bowen. “So, in some of these songs, I felt like I could really showcase that gospel-y, bluesy sound. It was so liberating for me to really go back to that bluesy type of vulnerability and sing with everything I've got. I wanted people to feel that."

<p>Kelsey Cotton </p> Becca Bowen

Kelsey Cotton

Becca Bowen

And make no mistake — she’s feeling fine.

"I think for the first time in my life, I feel so content,” Bowen concludes. “I’m content with how far that I have come and all the hurdles I have crossed. I'm just very happy at this time in my life.”

She’s still single too — and just fine with that.

“Until somebody can really come into my life and make it better and be a helpmate and supportive and just that we can be there for each other and support each other… that's what I'm waiting for,” says Bowen. "I just want somebody who makes my life better. Nothing toxic. I'm just waiting for the right person. God will send him. He'll come."

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