Beale reacts to Middlesbrough 1-1 Sunderland

Michael Beale during Middlesbrough v Sunderland
Michael Beale during Middlesbrough v Sunderland

Michael Beale has shared his thoughts on Sunderland's 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough.

The Black Cats head coach told BBC Radio Newcastle's Nick Barnes, "I thought first half we were really good in terms of our attacking play.

"Again, we've missed a big opportunity in an away game and you're wondering if that's going to hurt you.

"In the first half, we got into some really interesting areas without executing. I was pleased with the first half performance. I thought both teams went for each other. It was a good Championship game.

"We started the second half not well. We've just spoke about that in there. Can't start a second half like that. Again, a second phase of a set-play. It is a bit of a fortunate ricochet but you can't keep conceding off a set-play, it's fair to say.

"Our reaction to that was really good. We score and then I felt in the last ten minutes maybe we should go on to get the winner. Just frustrated that them balls are flashing across the goal and we're not there to get the last touch but I think it's a big point. We don't know how big until later in the season but after last week's win and then a strong point here today.

"Certainly when it looked like the game was going away from us, our response after we scored I thought was excellent."

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