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I make a barista-level matcha latte almost every morning with these 2 products — and I save so much money

Constantly buying lattes at coffee shops adds up, especially if it’s part of your weekly and sometimes even daily routines. With this in mind, I sought to make my own matcha latte at home instead of frequenting my local Starbucks. It turned out that I enjoyed the taste of my own more than the barista-prepared version thanks to these two products: the Blue Bottle Coffee Craft Matcha and the ZENRC Handcrafted Golden Bamboo Matcha Whisk.

After trying a couple of matcha powders, I found that the thoughtfully sourced craft matcha from Blue Bottle Coffee produced the most high-quality latte (both iced and hot) with just the addition of milk and any sweetener (I just use liquid agave).

$30 at Blue Bottle Coffee

While doing some research, I found out why this matcha has such a smooth and vibrant taste and feel. Sourced from the well-known “matcha region” of Uji, Japan, this ceremonial-grade Craft Matcha is created from the tender tea leaves of shade-grown matcha plants. They’re stone-ground to protect against heat degradation, so the color remains bright and vibrant from the moment you open the canister to when you mix it with water.

Blue Bottle Coffee Craft Matcha is full-bodied but doesn’t taste too grassy or earthy. It’s, hands down, the most balanced matcha I’ve tried and is easy to incorporate into a latte. I simply put 1 1/2 teaspoons of matcha powder into a small bowl, add 1 ounce of water (literally about a splash) and whisk it all together with the Bamboo Matcha Whisk below. Once it’s all well combined, I add a little agave, pour it into a glass, add some milk and some ice, and that’s it!

This handmade bamboo matcha whisk made all the difference in the quality of my latte. It's made of a piece of single, food-safe organic bamboo with no additives.

$10 at Amazon

I’ve found that the taste and consistency of any matcha latte depends on how the matcha is whisked. When attempting to make my own matcha latte at home for the first time, I used a standard metal kitchen whisk, and no matter how long or hard I whisked, it left behind so many clumps, leading to a grainy and unenjoyable product.

After using this whisk to emulsify the matcha powder with the water, it created this silky-smooth, perfectly blended liquid that left absolutely no clumps behind. After using this every day, it’s safe to say that I feel like my own barista — and I save so much money!

Investing in these two products is one of the best decisions I’ve made in improving my morning routine. Give them a try for yourself!

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