'People are going to die': Bare-knuckle bout ends in 'horrific' KO

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Bare-knuckle boxing is the talk of the fight world after a devastating KO in the Bare Knuckle FC promotion recently.

Kaleb Harris sent Johnavan Vistante face-planting to the canvas after a brutal punch 51 seconds into the second round of their bout.

Vistante was unconscious on his feet, crashing face-first into the mat in sickening fashion.

The bare-knuckle bout ended in sickening fashion. Image: Bare Knuckle FC

The referee immediately called for medical attention as the stricken fighter laid prone in the ring.

The brutality of bare-knuckle boxing is being widely debated, but a certain section of the MMA community love it.

Harris’ devastating KO immediately went viral, with The Sun describing the punch as ‘horrific’.

Vistante retires after KO

"I’m on cloud nine right now,” Harris said after the fight.

“This is the twentieth fight of my career and I told a few of my close friends I was ending it in the second round.

“I knew in the first round when I dropped him a couple of times, I knew that with each punch it was getting easier.

“I willing to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere whether it’s MMA or bare knuckle.

“So anybody that thinks they want to shut my mouth, they come and get it.”

Kaleb Harris made Johnavan Vistante face-plant. Image: Bare Knuckle FC

As for Visante, he made the decision to end his bare-knuckle career immediately after the fight.

"It was a good run. Had my first professional fight at 16. I loved every minute of it,” he wrote on Twitter.

“It’s took me too long to realise that the dream of my children and family are more important than mine alone.

"It’s been real guys. I love every single one of y’all who have supported me. Thank u.”