“The Bachelor”'s Kelsey A. Leaves Joey Graziadei Looking 'Like He’s About to Cry' During Talk After Fantasy Suites

Joey's exes also finally revealed during Monday's Women Tell All episode who actually told Lea to "shut the f--- up"

<p>John Fleenor/disney</p> Kelsey A. and Bachelor Joey Graziadei

John Fleenor/disney

Kelsey A. and Bachelor Joey Graziadei

Bachelor Joey Graziadei reunited with his exes during Monday’s Women Tell All special.

The episode started with the contestants calling out Lea for referring to herself as a “girl’s girl” and then trash talking the other women, especially Maria. Madina particularly took issue with Lea, 23, getting mad at her for being nice to Maria, 29, after Sydney Gordon’s elimination.

"I can be friends with the f---ing Dalai Lama if I want to,” Madina, 31, said to Lea. “You don’t have to pull me aside to tell me how to do that. Especially after you pose yourself as this girl’s girl, which was so frustrating. I think honestly you owe me an apology.”

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So Lea did just that. “That wasn’t my place and I’m so sorry,” the account manager said.

The conversation then turned to the claims that Maria told Lea to “shut the f--- up,” which Maria denied. Lauren actually owned up to being the one to say it.

“She was telling me to practice patience and to be quiet, super condensing for no reason,” Lauren, 28, admitted.

<p> Richard Middleworth/ABC</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestants Lea (left) and Madina

Richard Middleworth/ABC

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestants Lea (left) and Madina

Lea walked off crying, and Jess followed her. “You know that’s not what happened,” Lea said to Jess, 24.

When Lea returned to the stage, Maria gave her a hug. The women continued to discuss why Madina and Sydney, 28, deemed Maria a bully.

“Bully was not the right word,” Madina said. “I felt backed into a corner because Maria wanted to know badly who said this comment. At the other end, I had Sydney saying, ‘Do not tell who said this.’ It did feel like, it felt like two pitbulls fighting.”

Sydney chimed in that she felt “compelled to say something.” But Edwina thought, “Sydney never liked Maria from the start.”

Jess also piled onto Maria. “There were just multiple things, we’ll leave it at that, where I felt shut down by Maria,” Jess claimed.

“This pisses me off,” Maria said.


Host Jesse Palmer brought a few of Joey’s standouts into the hot seat, starting first with Lexi, who left when she realized she and Joey had different ideas about when they wanted to get married and have kids.

“That decision was not easy for me to make, but I knew that it was only fair to myself and to him at that moment to leave,” recalled Lexi, who opened up during the season about being diagnosed with endometriosis.

Lexi, 30, though Joey handled the conversation “so well” and said she received loving messages from viewers who experienced similar health concerns.

<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p> Lexi and Bachelor Joey Graziadei

Disney/John Fleenor

Lexi and Bachelor Joey Graziadei

“I’m so ready to meet my person,” Lexi concluded. “Joey has set an extremely high bar for what I’m looking for in my next relationship.”

Next, Jenn teared up watching her journey back. “When I left, it was tough to just sit there and wonder what happened,” the physician assistant student, 25, said, adding that “seeing my heart get crushed is really heartbreaking.”

Then it came time for Maria to rewatch her relationship with Joey unfold. Maria found that the video made her “sad” because of how “undeniable” her connection was with the tennis pro.

Jesse, 45, asked Maria what her dad thought of Jesse and how he handled the breakup. “Joey has a hit out on him currently,” Maria joked. “He should probably sleep with one eye open.”

They also discussed Maria’s fallout with Sydney, which Maria said she didn’t quite understand.

“I was annoying,” Sydney admitted. “I watched it back. Like, I was annoying. It was so cringey.”

<p>abc</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestants Maria (left) and Sydney


'The Bachelor' season 28 contestants Maria (left) and Sydney

Sydney also took the blame for how things went down with her and Maria. “I don’t blame you for any of it,” Sydney continued. “I think that moving forward I should’ve been more resolution-oriented instead of pointing the finger at you.”

Lea apologized to Maria, too. “I don’t think I ever got the opportunity to know you for you outside of the conflict,” Leah said. “And for that I am so sorry.”

Maria said the “hate” Sydney and Lea have been getting online “crossed the line,” and they hugged it out.


Back in Mexico, Joey still had to meet with Kelsey A. about the ambiguous note that she left him saying that they needed to talk.

“I just wanted you to verbalize that it’s hard not seeing you and the days in between are always so hard,” Kelsey A., 25, said when they met up.

The junior project manager also told Joey she wanted to meet his family. “I was just confused ‘cause there was just no way with how we left things before to think like something was wrong,” he said.

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Kelsey A. felt bad for how their conversation went down. “It wasn’t my intention to feel scared or have any stress, but he looks like he’s about to cry,” she said in an on-camera interview.

At the next rose ceremony, Joey proceeded to give Kelsey A. a rose despite the scare he gave her. He also extended one to Daisy, leaving Rachel to say “goodbye.”

“The worst thing I could do was keep you here if I wasn’t still able to get to the point of expressing the feelings of falling in love,” Joey explained to Rachel when he walked her out.


When Rachel sat down with Jesse, she cried seeing how things ended with Joey.

“You are strong and you let all that out,” The Golden Bachelor ’s Susan Noles said to Rachel, 26, from the audience. “That was the most important part.”

Joey joined Rachel on stage and she reflected that “our friendship was solid.”

Rachel also addressed racist messages she received from viewers on social media after her hometown date episode aired. “As soon as the episode aired, a lot of like, racist comments towards me and calling me the n-word or ‘Jungle Asian’ all because I got a rose,” Rachel shared. “It’s just been very frustrating.”

<p>Jan Thijs/disney</p> Bachelor Joey Graziadei and Rachel

Jan Thijs/disney

Bachelor Joey Graziadei and Rachel

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Rachel said the comments hurt her parents, too. “They really enjoyed the hometown episode and then for them to see people, you know, attacking our culture and attacking me,” she continued. “I’ve been in this scenario before, but this is like, a whole new level. It’s hundreds of people messaging me stuff like … or people have made TikToks of them throwing up when we’re kissing. It’s just insane.”

Jesse asked the audience to be more compassionate. “It’s so important we uplift these women who are brave enough to be vulnerable and share their stories,” he said.

Rachel concluded by simply requesting, “Just be kind.”

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