“The Bachelor”: Joey Graziadei Encounters a 'Worst-Case Scenario' During 1 Fantasy Suite Date

The tennis pro also saw "my worst nightmare coming true" on Monday's episode of 'The Bachelor' when he went on dates with Daisy, Kelsey A. and Rachel

<p>Gizelle Hernandez/Disney</p> Bachelor Joey Graziadei

Gizelle Hernandez/Disney

Bachelor Joey Graziadei

Joey Graziadei headed to Tulum, Mexico for the last leg of his Bachelor journey.

But “I don’t feel right,” Joey, 28, said in an on-camera interview at the beginning of Monday’s episode.

The tennis pro found himself still affected by his heartbreak on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette. "I’m finding myself holding back in some ways because I want it to go so well but I don’t know what to do,” Joey explained.


Before each of Joey’s finalists had their date with The Bachelor, they met with one of the ladies from The Golden Bachelor for advice. So Rachel started out her day by chatting with Susan Noles.

“Think of me as your mom, your best friend,” Susan, 66, said to Rachel, 26. “I’m in your corner.”

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Rachel told Susan she was in love with Joey, but she felt hesitant because of a previous failed relationship.

“Don’t let that get in the way,” Susan advised. “What I learned about myself from this show was, I am a prize. I am what a man needs. You have to love yourself before you can love anybody else.”

<p>ABC/Disney/Richard Middlesworth (2)</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Rachel' (left); 'The Golden Bachelor' alum Susan

ABC/Disney/Richard Middlesworth (2)

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Rachel' (left); 'The Golden Bachelor' alum Susan

During her date with Joey, he brought Rachel to a cenote and they jumped into it from multiple platforms, each higher than the last. At one point after landing in the water, Joey noticed something off with Rachel and thought she might’ve hurt her jaw during the fall.

“She always tries to put on a brave face and say she’s OK,” Joey told the cameras. “And I know the reason why she wants to keep pushing forward is ‘cause she doesn’t want to lose time or take away from what we can have, but I hope that she’s OK.”

Rachel saw a medic and told them she felt fine. “Even though she says she’s OK, I can tell that she’s not, so we do need to go to the hospital,” Joey insisted, adding, “It really is a worst-case scenario.”

At the hospital, Rachel got an X-ray and received a clean bill of health. So Rachel and Joey proceeded with their date and met up later for drinks.

“I’m still upset about today,” Rachel admitted. “I think I still feel bad that I ruined the date.”

Joey told Rachel she “did nothing wrong.” Rachel then proceeded to share that all of her relationships ended because of cheating, so this process triggered her because “I know that you’re having the time with someone else.”

“I understand that and I appreciate you so much letting me in,” Joey responded.

Rachel cried in his arms before Joey invited her to spend the night with him in the Fantasy Suite. “Joey’s the first guy that I’ve felt this comfortable with just fully being myself,” the nurse told the cameras.

The next morning, Rachel told Joey, “Last night was good.”

He agreed. “I felt like I saw a different side of you and it was good to see,” Joey said to Rachel.

In an on-camera interview, Joey opened up about his feelings for Rachel after the overnight date.

“I am falling for Rachel,” he said. “I love how much fun we have. It was nice to wake up next to someone that you feel so comfortable with.”


Kelsey A. chatted with Gerry Turner’s runner-up Leslie Fhima before meeting up with Joey.

The women bonded over the fact that both of their mothers died when they were around the same age, and Kelsey A., 25, explained how now, she saw butterflies as a symbol for her mom. The junior project manager also told Leslie, 65, that she loved Joey.

“Part of me’s like, oh my gosh, I feel insane saying this,” Kelsey admitted. “And I’m like, but I feel it, so it’s not that insane.”

<p>ABC/Disney/Richard Middlesworth (2)</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Kelsey A. (left); 'The Golden Bachelor' alum Leslie Fhima

ABC/Disney/Richard Middlesworth (2)

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Kelsey A. (left); 'The Golden Bachelor' alum Leslie Fhima

Leslie warned Kelsey to “be completely organic and do not let anything come in your head.”

“I wish I wouldn’t have felt so confident because then I was devastated, very sad,” the radio personality continued. “Because I was really in love with him and I would not wish that on my worst enemy, that feeling I had where I was confident and then that was it. And I would say, just always have something in the back of your head that you might not be it.”

That left Kelsey “totally freaking out and terrified,” she told the cameras. Still, Kelsey moved forward with a boat date with Joey.

“I know there’s a real love that’s building between Kelsey and I ‘cause I feel it, but I just don’t know yet if Kelsey feels the same way about me as I feel about her,” Joey said in an on-camera interview. “She’s never said the ‘L’ word.”

They went snorkeling and it was "so magical,” according to Kelsey.

Over dinner afterwards, Kelsey told Joey about the advice Leslie gave her. “She told me kind of like, not to expect and just always kind of be hopeful,” Kelsey said.

Joey understood what Leslie meant since he went through a similar experience on The Bachelorette.

“With Charity, I thought it was me,” Joey said to Kelsey. “Like, I was 100% sure but I just, I do feel like sometimes I struggle to be open because I still have that fear that it can be taken away.”

Kelsey recalled talking to her dad during her hometown date about how she felt about Joey. “I told him that I loved you,” she said. “Um, but I want to tell you I do love you, Joey.”

They kissed, and then Joey told Kelsey, “I’m falling in love with you fully.”

Joey and Kelsey decided to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite and the next morning, they cooked breakfast together. “I’m genuinely just like, so happy right now,” Kelsey told the cameras.

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Joey felt similarly. “It just feels good to wake up this morning and look at you and say confidently that I am falling in love with you,” he said to Kelsey. “And I know it’s going to continue to build. And I’m leaving very confident in everything that we had from yesterday and last night.”

Despite their happy ending, Kelsey started getting in her own head while Joey went on his date with Daisy. “I would rather leave now than have my heart completely broken,” she told the cameras.

Daisy left Joey a note stating “we need to talk,” which understandably freaked him out.

“I’m so done with this,” Joey said through tears. “This is like, my worst nightmare coming true. I’m over giving everything I can and feeling like they’re not choosing me.”


Daisy felt “really emotional” going into her Fantasy Suite day with Joey. Luckily, Sandra Mason came by to help the account executive, 25, get into the right headspace for her date.

Daisy recapped her journey with Joey so far for Sandra, 75, and told her about hearing with a cochlear implant.

“Be open and be, for the most part, don’t be afraid to talk with Joey,” Sandra recommended.

<p>ABC/Disney/Richard Middlesworth (2)</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Daisy (left); 'The Golden Bachelor' alum Sandra

ABC/Disney/Richard Middlesworth (2)

'The Bachelor' season 28 contestant Daisy (left); 'The Golden Bachelor' alum Sandra

Daisy confessed she “probably could do better” when it came to opening up to Joey.

“Don’t just talk with Joey — give it some oomph, maybe even make it sexual,” Sandra continued. “’I can’t wait for us to start practicing making babies’ or something like. I’m telling you, men like that. They really do. Intimacy for men is different than it is for women.”

Daisy seemingly tried to take Sandra’s advice, going in for a makeout session with Joey before they embarked on their ATV date.

“She makes me feel whole,” Joey said in an on-camera interview, adding that he could “picture a future” with her.

They showered off together after ATVing and went for part two of their makeout session in the shower. “I’m like, falling so in love with him, deeper and deeper.” Daisy told the cameras. “I don’t want it to end, ever. I always want him to be a part of my life.”

Over dinner, Daisy recounted to Joey about how her ex “wasn’t someone that’s emotionally available to me” and she would “get shut down” and told “you’re overreacting” when she expressed emotions to him. With Joey, however, Daisy said she felt “safe to open up.”

Joey then talked about a relationship he had back in Hawaii where he “lost my confidence in being a good person, a good boyfriend.”

“You’ve honestly changed my life and how I look at myself and I will forever be so grateful for that,” Daisy said to Joey.

Joey told Daisy, “I am falling in love with you and it has been building for a while.”

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Accordingly, the pair decided to spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite.

When they woke up, they sipped mimosas in bed. “Cheers to taking steps forward and not looking back and staying confident in how we feel right now,” Joey said.

The Philadelphia native left the date thinking Daisy would say yes if he proposed.

He told the cameras, “All my fears, my concerns just kind of disappeared.”

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