Bachelor Joey Graziadei Eliminates 1 Woman After Hometowns Due to the 'Amount of Doubts' He Still Had

After meeting Daisy, Kelsey A., Maria and Rachel's families on Monday's episode, the tennis pro nixxed one woman due to their "bumpy" journey, which left her saying, "I should have told him how I felt a lot sooner than I did"

<p>Jan Thijs/Disney</p> The Bachelor Joey Graziadei

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The Bachelor Joey Graziadei

You can’t always go home again, but Joey Graziadei's four finalists did just that on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

Joey, 28, met the families of Daisy, Kelsey A., Maria and Rachel, beginning with Kelsey A. in New Orleans.

He and the junior project manager, 25, started off their day down south by riding tandem bikes, something Kelsey last did with her late mom. “It feels really special,” Kelsey A. said.

She and Joey proceeded to eat beignets on a bridge and watched as a bride took wedding photos. Joey asked Kelsey how she felt seeing the bride.

“It’s like an exciting idea in a couple weeks that that could be in the cards for me,” Kelsey responded.

<p>Jan Thijs/Disney</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28's Kelsey A. and Joey Graziadei

Jan Thijs/Disney

'The Bachelor' season 28's Kelsey A. and Joey Graziadei

Kelsey also admitted she felt “pretty terrified” because she didn’t “really know what could happen" between her and Joey.

The couple headed to Molly’s pub before meeting Kelsey’s family. “I could be happy every day if Kelsey was the person I was with,” Joey said in an on-camera interview.

Kelsey kicked things off by telling her dad Mark about her one-on-one date with Joey in Spain. Mark showed Joey a photo album of Kelsey’s mom prior to asking him to speak privately.

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“I just feel special and lucky to have gotten to meet her,” Joey told Mark.

Mark informed Joey he “knew it right away” when he met Kelsey’s mom that she was the one. He wanted to know how Joey would know who he was meant to spend forever with.

“It’s difficult for me,” Joey admitted. “I have a lot of days where I’ve struggled.”

Then Kelsey teared up while telling her dad that she hoped to find “someone that would be there through the hard times.” She continued, “I feel like Joey really does that and I can see him doing those things, for sure."

Mark gave Kelsey his approval of Joey. “To see the way that he is towards you, right? Like, it’s very reassuring,” Mark said. “I want all of you to feel that feeling I had with your mom.”

After Kelsey parted ways with her family, she touched base with Joey.

“I am so sure about who you are, but like, knowing that other people see that and see our connection, especially my family, and you know they mean so much to me, so for them to just kind of validate my feelings, I think that’s everything I needed and more,” Kelsey said.

They kissed, and Joey told the cameras, “I would count myself lucky to be a part of this family.”


Joey headed to Rancho Cucamonga, California to meet Rachel’s family. Before the nurse, 26, introduced Joey to her parents, she debriefed him on some Filipino traditions.

Rachel’s mom Noela appreciated him incorporating those upon their meeting. “I love how he just really honored and respected my husband and me,” Noela told the cameras.

Rachel’s family hosted a pig roast in their backyard. Noela informed Joey that “if the suitor is interested in the woman, he has to eat the pig’s ear,” so he did. “Eating the pig tasted really good,” Joey said.

Rachel and Joey then did some Tinikling, a traditional Philippine folk dance. But he’d need to do more than that to win over her mom.

<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28's Rachel and Joey Graziadei

Disney/John Fleenor

'The Bachelor' season 28's Rachel and Joey Graziadei

“I wish you the best, obviously, I wish my daughter the best more because she’s been hurt,” Noela told Joey when they spoke privately.

Joey assured Noela, “I wouldn’t be here today meeting you because I know how much it means to her and how much it means to me, too.”

Noela told Rachel as much: “He seems like a nice guy, but I’m still cautious.”

Meanwhile, Joey asked Rachel’s dad Hakim for his blessing. “If that time comes, she has my number and you can call me, man to man,” Hakim said to Joey.

That didn’t leave Joey feeling confident. “I’m leaving this conversation with Rachel’s dad feeling like, it wasn’t a ‘no’, it just wasn’t a ‘yes,’” Joey said in an on-camera interview.

Once Rachel and Joey got some alone time after meeting her family, she made it clear that her parents’ skepticism didn’t impact her feelings. “I’m definitely falling in love with you and I see a future with you,” Rachel said to Joey. “Of course, I want it to be us at the end.”

Joey replied, “I’m so happy with where we’re at.”


From there, Joey traveled to Becker, Minnesota for Daisy, 25, to introduce him to her family. First, Daisy took Joey around her family’s Christmas tree farm where they made Christmas wishes, fed alpacas and drank hot chocolate.

Some of Daisy’s friends surprised her by showing up on the farm to meet Joey. “This whole experience has honestly changed my perceptive and my outlook on life,” Daisy told her friends. “And that’s completely because of him and how he’s looked at me and treated me.”

Afterwards, Joey told Daisy, “You deserve everything and more.”

<p>Jan Thijs/Disney</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28's Joey Graziadei and Daisy

Jan Thijs/Disney

'The Bachelor' season 28's Joey Graziadei and Daisy

Despite her feelings about Joey, Daisy wanted her family’s assurance. “I really need my family to help me sort through and figure out exactly what I’m feeling because, to be honest, I’m a little bit confused,” Daisy said to the cameras.

Daisy’s mom Julie told Joey, “I do see that connection.”

The account executive told her mom she liked Joey “a lot.” “I definitely see you guys really care for each other,” Julie said to her daughter.

Daisy confessed to her dad Brandon that she’d been hesitant to open up to Joey and fully fall for him. “If you think that you’re falling in love with him, I think it’s a no-brainer,” he said to Daisy.

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“I think I am,” Daisy admitted.

With that, Brandon encouraged her to “shoot the shot.”

So when Daisy and Joey spoke at the end of the date, she did. “I’d rather dive right into it and I want you to know I am falling in love with you and I’ve been falling in love with you,” Daisy said to Joey.

The Philadelphia native told the cameras he felt “so happy” to hear that. “It just feels so good to finally hear it,” he added.


The final hometown of the week brought Joey to Ontario, Canada, where he and Maria, 29, began their day by checking out Niagara Falls on Maid of the Mist.

“I want to have zero doubts walking into that house that you want to be here with me and you can see a future at the end of this,” Joey said to Maria. “I just want to feel confident.”

Maria assured, “I don’t want you to think that I’m ever going to do that again.”

The executive assistant also shared with Joey that she’d never brought anyone home to meet her family.

“How has she gone this long in life without like, opening up to someone and showing this side of herself?” Joey wondered to the cameras.

<p>Jan Thijs/Disney</p> 'The Bachelor' season 28's Joey Graziadei and Maria

Jan Thijs/Disney

'The Bachelor' season 28's Joey Graziadei and Maria

Still, Joey joined Maria’s family and friends for dinner. “The last thing I want to see is my kid get hurt,” Maria’s dad Nick said to Joey.

After dinner, Maria spoke to her friend Brittany who wanted to know what drew Maria to Joey. “He’s hot, come on,” Maria said. “But I obviously, I felt things I haven’t felt in a long time with him.”

Maria teared up when talking to Brittany about three other women being left in the competition. “I really do see a future with you two but I hope you fully put your heart into it,” Brittany suggested to Maria.

Maria’s dad spoke with Joey and questioned where thing stand with the remaining three women.

“Maria has expressed to me that she’s falling and it was one of the most special moments that we’ve had, but I have not expressed anything back because I don’t know how you can say it to four different people,” Joey said.

Nick said he respected that. Joey continued, “Do I feel it fully with Maria? Yes. Do I think I can get there? 100 percent.”

That comforted Nick. “If I know you’re the guy that she chose, I respect her decision,” he told Joey. “I would have no problems giving you my blessings.”

Nick let Maria know that he gave Joey his blessing. “You were glowing, and I haven’t seen that in a long time,” Nick said to his daughter.

Maria wrapped the day with her family by watching home videos — and she felt determined to tell Joey later on how she really felt. But when she went to do so, Maria froze and only told Joey, “I feel very strong about you and I know I have and it continues to grow, that’s for sure. I appreciate you being here.”

<p>Jan Thijs/Disney</p>

Jan Thijs/Disney


At the beginning of the rose ceremony, Joey told the remaining four women, “The meaning of this rose is that I felt like we took a step forward in our relationship and I think that’s what most important.”

Before Joey could give out a single rose, Maria asked to speak with him.

“Saying goodbye to you the way that I did, I feel like I didn’t do it in the best way,” Maria said to Joey. “‘Cause I told you I can see myself falling in love with you and the thing is, I can’t, because, like, I am falling in love with you.”

Maria’s declaration didn’t change anything for Joey, though. The tennis pro extended roses to Daisy, Kelsey and Rachel.

“We’ve had a bumpy road, but you know I fought for you every time and I’ve chosen us,” Joey told Maria when he walked her out. “And I’ve tried everything in my power to get to the point of continuing to see a future. And I went into hometowns with you very open and ready to see what came next. And you said everything I needed to hear.”

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Joey explained to Maria that he felt it would be “dishonest” to move forward with her because of “the amount of doubts that I have.”

Maria didn’t say much to Joey before getting in the car to leave.

“It makes me sad because it’s like, Joey was everything that I’ve always wanted and it doesn’t come often where I feel this way,” she told the cameras. “But I should have told him how I felt a lot sooner than I did and that’s my biggest regret.”

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