“Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer says 'we need to talk' can 'mean a lot of things'

The host reacts to Kelsey's ominous note and Rachel's unexpected trip to the ER.

Each week during The Bachelor, host Jesse Palmer will answer a few questions about Joey's "journey" to find "love." Today, Jesse shares his thoughts via email about the return of the Golden gals, Rachel and Joey's unexpected trip to the hospital, and Kelsey's ominous note.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It was really nice to see Susan, Leslie, and Sandra this week. Why did you think the Golden bachelorettes would be the best ones to advise Rachel, Kelsey, and Daisy at this point in their journey?

JESSE PALMER: Susan, Leslie, and Sandra have so much experience and wisdom to share with the ladies. Not just love and relationships, but about their own unique experiences on The Golden Bachelor. The ladies are so iconic and are looked up to by so many people, I know Rachel, Daisy, and Kelsey A. were thrilled to meet with them.

Related question: I'm going to start a petition to get Susan a show called "You Are The Prize," where she cooks meatballs and offers motherly advice and encouragement to guests in need. Will you sign?

I will not only sign, but I'll offer to taste test or sous chef for Susan on said show!

<p>ABC</p> Susan chats with Rachel on 'The Bachelor'


Susan chats with Rachel on 'The Bachelor'

Rachel was upset that she had to go to the hospital during her date with Joey, but the situation also helped her be vulnerable with Joey, which is something she's struggled with. What did you think about how the date played out?

I give both Rachel and Joey credit for making the most of their date in Mexico. In life, sometimes things happen that are out of your control, but you can learn a lot about someone regarding how they choose to react and respond to those types of situations.

Joey has been holding off on expressing his feelings because he's afraid of being rejected, but this week he was able to tell Daisy and Kelsey that he's falling in love with him. I felt so proud of our sweet angel baby — how did you feel seeing him take that chance?

I am super proud of Joey for taking that important step!

Kelsey, perhaps unwittingly, sent Joey into a spiral with her "we need to talk" note. We're on pins and needles, Jesse — please give us a preview of what we can expect from their conversation next week.

“We need to talk” can mean a lot of things. Normally, it’s not great. Nobody, including Joey or myself, had any idea where this was going...

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