“Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer on which hometown date made him cry

The host also shares his reaction to Maria's last-ditch rose ceremony effort.

Each week during The Bachelor, host Jesse Palmer will answer a few questions about Joey's "journey" to find "love." Today, Jesse shares his thoughts via email about the emotional family visits, Maria's trouble expressing her feelings, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This episode had so many sweet moments between the women and their parents, I lost count of how many times I teared up. What moment had you the most emotional this week?

JESSE PALMER: I cried watching Kelsey's talk with her dad! It’s now so easy to understand what qualities Kelsey is looking for in her potential husband, because those are the same qualities and feelings that her dad has towards her mother. That conversation was truly heartwarming.

<p>ABC</p> Joey, Kelesy, and Kelsey's dad on 'The Bachelor'


Joey, Kelesy, and Kelsey's dad on 'The Bachelor'

Both Maria and Daisy's families encouraged them to be open with Joey about their feelings, while Rachel's parents urged her to "guard her heart." What did you think about the guidance each woman got from their parents?

I think everyone’s families gave great advice. Families always want to encourage their children in love, but also want to protect their hearts. These families know their daughters better than anyone and the advice they gave is specific to their own situations, experiences, and personalities.

Now that you have your own daughter, did the moments where Joey asked for each parent's blessing hit a little harder for you?

It really did! Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in showing respect towards a potential partner's family, and I think all families involved appreciated Joey’s gestures.

<p>ABC</p> Maria asks Joey for a moment alone on 'The Bachelor'


Maria asks Joey for a moment alone on 'The Bachelor'

Maria had a hard time expressing herself, which led to her last-minute conversation with Joey at the rose ceremony. Do you think there's anything she could have said in that moment to change his mind?

I think the issues that had recently developed between Joey and Maria set them behind the other women, but I can’t speak for Joey on if there’s anything which could have changed his mind.

Finally, would you eat a pig's ear for your wife?

Ear. Nose. Elbows. She’s my WIFE!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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