“The Bachelor”'s Daisy Calls It 'Validating' to Watch Her 'Gut Wrenching' and Unprecedented Moment on the Finale

For the first time in the show's history, the two finalists — Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson — arrived at proposal day together

<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p> Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent on

Disney/John Fleenor

Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent on 'The Bachelor'

Daisy Kent shocked Joey Graziadei on Monday’s finale of The Bachelor when she informed him on engagement day that she wanted to bow out of the competition for his heart.

That left Joey, 28, in tears, since he worried about someone not choosing him in the end. Ultimately, he pulled it together to propose to Kelsey Anderson, and she said “yes.”

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When speaking to Joey and host Jesse Palmer during After the Final Rose special on Monday, Daisy, 25, addressed when she knew things wouldn't work with the Philadelphia native.

"I first realized when we were at the last rose ceremony when Rachel left and it was me, you and Kelsey together," Daisy explained. "And I just saw you two look at each other and I was like, woah. For the first time I was like, I don't think it's me, and I just remember that and then I was kinda trying to suppress my feelings and put it aside."

Daisy also admitted to having concerns before going into her final date. "I remember feeling it shouldn't feel like this, I shouldn't feel this anxious," she said. "Then there was a moment when we were throwing the stones in the fire and I was like, oh, he can't like, he can't picture past this with me. And I think, as gut wrenching as that was in the moment, I was kind of like, you know, I don't think its me."

Joey owned up to being "very aware of my words" during that moment. "I didn't want to lead you on in any way," he said to Daisy. "But from that looking back, you can see, it was more obvious."

<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p> Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent on 'The Bachelor'

Disney/John Fleenor

Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent on 'The Bachelor'

Daisy and Kelsey made Bachelor history by arriving to proposal day together, holding hands, after touching base earlier in Kelsey's hotel room.

"It was honestly, it was really great for me to watch because it was kind of validating in the fact that like, I knew it and I like, saw it," Daisy said of watching the finale back.

Earlier, during the pre-taped portion of the finale, Daisy told Joey's sister she envisioned being with Joey forever. "If he were like, to get down on a knee today, I would say 'yes' because i am in love with him," Daisy said to Carly and Ellie.

Daisy also told Joey's mom Cathy she felt "so sure" about him.

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"I would love if she was my mother-in-law," Daisy said in an on-camera interview.

For their final date, Daisy and Joey partook in ancestral Mexican traditions.

Daisy started getting in her head during the date, saying in an on-camera she thought Joey was "not sure of me." That idea deepened when, while making wishes during a ceremony, Joey said he hoped for happiness for himself and Daisy even if they didn't end up together.

"I feel like it might not be us because I'm just used to not being chosen," Daisy said in on-camera interview.

<p>John Fleenor/Disney</p> Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson on 'The Bachelor'

John Fleenor/Disney

Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson on 'The Bachelor'

Daisy changed her mindset during the evening portion of their final date in order to tell Joey that she loved him. When he didn't reciprocate, Daisy's suspicions returned.

"I feel like something's like a little, like, off," she said in an on-camera interview. "He's not talking about a potential future with us and I feel like he's like, being measured and careful, honestly."

After she and Joey parted ways, she told he cameras, "If I'm being 100% honest, I don't think it's me."

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On proposal day, Daisy paid a visit to Kelsey's hotel room to compare notes on how things went when the each met Joey's family and had their last date with The Bachelor.

"Our date felt a little bit off," Daisy admitted. "There was something missing between me and Joey, I don't know exactly what it was. Here was like, no form of validation, confirmation. So it was hard and it did hurt."

Kelsey, 25, felt more positively and told Daisy, "I do love him so much."

Daisy left the conversation with the junior project manager suspecting Joey would pick Kelsey. The two finalists rode together to meet Joey on engagement day, and Daisy met with Joey first. Before he could fully launch into what he had to say, Daisy jumped in.

"The thing is, you're not going to chose me," Daisy said to Joey. "The last couple days, I realized that, you know, you're not my person and I know that you know I’m not. And as much as that hurts, I know you said you want the best for me, so I'm going to do what's best for me and I'm going to go."

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