Ayo Edebiri Talks ‘The Bear’ Sweeping Awards Season & Hopes For Sydney’s Season 3 Arc

Ayo Edebiri Talks ‘The Bear’ Sweeping Awards Season & Hopes For Sydney’s Season 3 Arc

Ayo Edebiri has now swept the awards season for her performance in FX’s The Bear.

While the series quickly became critically acclaimed, snatching up just about every award it’s been nominated for since it debuted in June 2022, the actress told reporters backstage after her win Monday at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards that the cast and crew “made the show with little money and little expectations other than just doing good work.”

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However, Edebiri joked that like hasn’t changed too much since then, quipping: “I’m still renting, so there’s that.”

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The Bear has already been renewed for Season 3, though little is known about where the story might go after the Season 2 finale saw the chaotic opening of Carmy [Jeremy Allen White] and Sydney’s [Edebiri] restaurant.

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In the final moments of the episode, Sydney has a bit of a reconciliation with her onscreen father, played by Robert Townsend, who had been reluctant to support his daughter’s career as a chef.

As for how that reconciliation might impact her upcoming story, Edebiri isn’t quite sure.

“I love the idea of Sydney finding more confidence and belief in herself, but it’s also fun getting to play someone who’s flawed and kind of a mess,” she said tonight, adding that she ultimately hopes that, whatever is in store, she gets to act alongside Townsend again. “He is a legend.”

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