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This Australian teenager deliberately breaks [her] all-girls private school’s dress code as an experiment

Private schools are known to enforce dress codes. One high school student, however, has decided to push the limits.

Australian teenager Oi (@whosthi5lol) recently posted a video describing how she chose to violate her school’s dress code. Oi attends an all-girls Catholic private school.

“Breaking my school’s dress code except it’s australia,” reads text on the video.

“First we have these rebellious earrings with stones in them,” she explains. “Next, I have these two bracelets. I usually wear one, but let’s see if I get told off for wearing two.”

Next up? Oi does her hair in a half-up, half-down style.

“Now, this is actually completely illegal. I think, like, the sentence is like three years,” she quips.

Lastly, she decides to wear her skirt above the knee.

“I feel like if everything is combined, they’ll tell me off about that too,” she says of her slightly raised skirt.

In a follow-up video, Oi swaps out her earrings for even bigger ones. She adds a necklace too.

“If I get in trouble, it just shows how much they care about uniform and not about other important stuff, like, you know, actual education. And, like, mental health. So, yeah, I get why we have a uniform, but the rules are quite strict,” she says.

Oi posted a final video documenting her efforts.

“A lot of you guys have been saying to wear the wrong socks cause that would…. No, I would literally get, like, death penalty. Like, when I walk into school, like, I’m gone.”

“I did get in trouble yesterday for my earrings though. I got called out in assembly, but I did not take them out.”

Oi concludes, however, that she “doesn’t care that much about the uniform” and just enjoys “experimenting with it.”

“the TOP BUTTON?? braver than the rest of us”

TikTokers who’ve experienced similar restrictions weighed in in the comments.

“u should do like colored scrunchies/hairties,” said @lauramurdockk.

“I wore black socks and had to pick up rubbish lmfao,” wrote @c.stambolziovska.

“You should put a stain on your shirt,” suggested @pink_got_ban.

“the TOP BUTTON?? braver than the rest of us,” wrote @stormy.hails.

Take it from Oi: While wearing one more bracelet may seem to make a minute difference, it may decide whether or not you “get in trouble.”

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