Aussies in Action in Birmingham: Day 6

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The Aussies in action on day six of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.


Women's Group Matches - Australia v Scotland (0900 BST 1800 AEST); Men's Group Matches - Australia v South Africa (2100 BST 0600 AEST) Ring Road North


Men's 109 kg - Jackson Young (0930 BST 1830 AEST), Women's 87+kg - Charisma Amoe-Tarrant (1400 BST 2300 AEST), Men's 109+kg - Suamili Nanai (1830 BST 0330 AEST) National Exhibition Centre


Rounds 2 and 3 - Women's Pairs - Australia v Wales (0830 BST 1730 AEST) Australia v Canada (1130 BST 2030 AEST), Men's Singles - Aaron Wilson (AUS) v Cephas Kimwaki Kimani (KEN), Men's Fours - Australia v Canada (1500 BST 0000 AEST), Australia v Northern Ireland (1600 BST 0100 AEST); Para Women's Pairs B6-B8 Gold Medal match - Australia v Scotland (1500 BST 0000 AEST); Round 4 - Women's Triples - Australia v Falkland Islands (1500 BST 0000 AEST) Australia v South Africa (1800 BST 0300 AEST); Round 5 - Para Mixed Pairs B2-B3 - Australia v South Africa (1800 BST 0300 AEST) Victoria Park


Men's 1500m T53/54 Round 1 (Samuel Carter), Women's Heptathlon Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 800m (Taneille Crase), Women's 400m Round 1, Men's Shot Put Qualifying Rounds, Men's 800m Round 1 (Peter Bol, Charlie Hunter), Men's 100m T11/12 Round 1, Women's Triple Jump Qualifying Rounds, Men's 400m Round 1 (Steve Solomon), Men's High Jump Final, Women's 100m Semi-finals, Final, Men's 100m Semi-finals, Final, Women's 10000m Final (Isobel Batt-Doyle, Rose Davies), Women's Shot Put Final, Men's Discus Throw F42-44 / F61-64 Final, Men's 100m T37/38 Final (Evan O'Hanlon) (From Wed 1900 AEST) Alexander Stadium


Preliminary, Repechage, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Medal Contests - Women's -78kg, Women's +78kg - Abigail Paduch, Men's -90kg - Harrison Cassar, Sebastian Temesi; Men's -100kg - Kahyan Ozcicek-Takagi, Men's +100kg - Liam Park (from 1000 BST 1900 AEST) Coventry Arena


Round of 64 - Tran Hoang Pham/Angela Yu (AUS) v Dwight Joshua/ Soraye March (FLK) (1030 BST 1930 AEST), Ying Xiang Lin/Gronya Somerville (AUS) v Douglas Clark/Cheryl March (FLK) (1630 BST 0130 AEST); Round of 32 - Women's doubles - Kaitlyn Ea/Angela Yu (AUS) v Aminath Nabeeha Abdul Razzaq/Fathimath Nabaaha Abdul Razzaq (MDV) (1130 BST 2030 AEST), Hsuan-Yu Wendy Chen/Gronya Somerville (AUS) v Mahoor Shahzad/ Ghazala Siddique (PAK) (1130 BST 2030 AEST); Men's Singles Round of 64 - Nathan Tang (AUS) v Sammy Mdogo Sikoyo (KEN) (1300 BST 2200 AEST), Ying Xiang Lin (AUS) v Matthew Abela (MLT) (1800 BST 0300 AEST), Jacob Schueler v Samuel Ricketts (JAM) (1830 BST 0330 AEST) National Exhibition Centre


Men's 200m Individual Medley Heats (Se-Bom Lee, Brendon Smith), Women's 200m Freestyle S14 Heat (Jade Lucy, Madeleine McTernan, Ruby Storm), Men's 200m Freestyle S14 Heat (Liam Schluter, Ben Hance, Jack Ireland), Women's 400m Freestyle Heats (Lani Pallister, Ariarne Titmus), Mixed 4 x 100m Medley Relay 34 Point* Heat, Women's 4x100m Medley Relay Heats, Men's 4x100m Medley Relay Heats, Men's 200m Individual Medley Final, Women's 200m Freestyle S14 Final, Men's 200m Freestyle S14 Final, Women's 400m Freestyle Final, Men's 50m Freestyle Final, Women's 50m Backstroke Final, Men's 1500m Freestyle Final, Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay Final, Women's 4x100m Medley Relay Final, Men's 4x100m Medley Relay Final (From 1030 BST 1930 AEST) Sandwell Aquatics Centre


Group Matches; Australia v Pakistan (1100 BST, 2000 AEST) Edgbaston Cricket Ground


Mixed Doubles Round of 32 - Rachael Grinham/Zac Aexander (AUS) v Jade Pitcairn/Jake Kelly (CAY) (1000 BST 1900 AEST), Donna Lobban/Cameron Pilley (AUS) v Amity Alarcos/Feonor Siaguru (1130 BST 2030 AEST); Men's Single's Finals and Plate Finals; Women's Single's Finals and Plate Finals Ring Road North


Group Matches: Women's; Men's - Australia v Rwanda (1230 BST 2330 AEST) Smithfield


Men's Cross Country Final - Sam Fox, Daniel McConnell (1130 BST 2030 AEST), Women's Cross Country Final - Zoe Cuthbert (1400 BST 2300 AEST) Birches Valley Forest Centre


Men's and Women's Quarter Finals - Women's Light Middleweight Kaye Scott (AUS) v Zainab Keita (SLE) (1415 BST 2315 AEST); Women's Middleweight - Caitlin Parker (AUS) v Elizabeth Andiego (KEN) (2030 BST 0530 AEST); Men's Middleweight - Callum Peters (AUS) v Desmond Cort Amsterdam (GUY) (2100 BST 0600 AEST) National Exhibition Centre


Men's Singles - Finn Luu (AUS) v Zak Wilson (NIR) (1005 BST 1905 AEST), Finn Luu (AUS) v Jonathan van Lange (GUY) (1335 BST 2235 AEST), Dillon Chambers (AUS) v Theo Cogill (RSA) (1635 BST 0135 AEST), Dillon Chambers (AUS) v Javier Sotomayer (FLK) (2040 BST 0540 AEST); Men's Singles Classes 3-5 - Junjian Chen (AUS) v Jack Hunter Spivey (ENG) (1225 BST 2125 AEST), Junjian Chen (AUS) v Muhammad Mudassar (CAN) (1930 BST 0430 AEST); Men's Singles Classes 8-10 - Lin Ma (AUS) v Asad Hussain Syed (CAN) (1225 BST 2125 AEST), Lin Ma (AUS) v Ross Wilson (ENG) (1930 BST 0430 AEST); Women's Singles; Women's Singles Classes 3-5 - Daniela di Toro (AUS) v Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel (IND) (1040 BST 1940 AEST), Daniela di Toro (AUS) v Akanisi Latu (FIJ) (1745 BST 0245 AEST), Amanda Jane Tscharke (AUS) v Chinenye Obiora (NGR) (1040 BST 1940 AEST), Amanda Jane Tscharke (AUS) v Sonalben Manubhai Patel (IND) (1745 BST 0245 AEST); Women's Singles Classes 6-10 - Li Na Lei (AUS) v Grace William (WAL) (1040 BST 1940 AEST), Li Na Lei (AUS) v Felicity Pickard (ENG) (1710 BST 0210 AEST), Qian Yang (AUS) v Faith Obazuaye (NGR) (1710 BST 0210 AEST)

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