Ashley Graham Has A Mega-Strong Booty In See-Through Crystal Dress Pics 🔥

celebrity sightings in new york city november 06, 2023
Ashley Graham's Butt Is Strong In transparent Dress PicsJames Devaney - Getty Images
  • Ashley Graham wore a see-through, crystal-embellished dress to a recent Swarovski x SKIMS event, and she is so strong all over in the new photos.

  • The supermodel loves staying active through yoga and Pilates.

  • Ashley usually starts her day by eating toast with scrambled eggs, and for lunch, she munches on a Sweetgreen salad.

Ashley Graham knows how to make heads turn. Whether she's flashing a peek of her toned butt in a swimsuit Instagram photo dump or flaunting how all-over strong she is in a photoshoot, she's always creating a memorable moment. And during her most recent outing, she was a sparkling goddess.

The 36-year-old supermodel attended a Swarovski x SKIMS event in a see-through Swarovski-embellished dress. Under it, she wore a pale gray SKIMS bra and undies set. In the pics, Ashley is super confident, and her booty is *seriously* sculpted.

celebrity sightings in new york city november 07, 2023
Ashley GrahamRaymond Hall - Getty Images

And let's take a moment for that strong core, too:

celebrity sightings in new york november 7, 2023
Ashley Graham has sculpted abs in a see-through dress.MEGA - Getty Images

Wondering what Ashley does in the health and wellness department? Well, it may not come as a surprise that she is super into her fitness routine.

One workout she's been dedicated to for years is yoga. "It's just so good to be so limber and not have my back hurt," Ashley previously told WH in 2021, adding that she loves Sky Ting Yoga in New York.

In fact, yoga was also a big part of her pregnancy journey. Back in 2021, Ashley shared a video of a prenatal session she did with instructor Sophie Green.

More recently, Ashley fit in a yoga sesh with instructor Chelsey Forbes in July:

During Ashley's pregnancy with her twins (now both two years old), taking care of her body was a top priority, she shared in a 2021 YouTube vlog episode. "I've had to make so many conscious shifts every day to make sure that I'm maintaining a balance that really works for me," she said. "I've learned so much, even this time around, about my body and what it takes to keep my mind and my body nourished for myself."

Ashley also loves doing Pilates. One of her fave places to take classes is Forma, a referral-only Pilates studio run by Liana Levi, she previously told WH in 2023. "It's really tough, especially at Forma," she said. "It just hits different."

It's not all about the workouts, though. Ashley also leans into other wellness routines, too. To get ready for her busy days, Ashley often starts her mornings with a meditation practice. But the goal of her sessions isn't to clear her mind, she told WH. "I do more speaking into existence," she said, adding that it's a form of manifesting for the day.

"I'm commanding over my life in my household, my marriage, my kids," Ashley said. "The things that are yours, the things that you want to command in your life."

As for her diet, she loves starting her day by drinking hot black coffee (she has three or four cups a day!), and she'll fuel up with scrambled eggs on top of gluten-free toast, Ashley told Harper's Bazaar. Sometimes she also has juice afterwards.

When Ashley is on set, her favorite snacks are peanut M&Ms, as well as bone broth, gluten-free cookies, and avocados with sea salt. Lunch is often a Sweetgreen salad, and for dinner, her husband typically cooks a healthy meal. Sometimes it's chicken with salt, pepper, and garlic on the stovetop, and other times, it's lamb stew.

I love it, Ashley!

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