Ashley Graham just bared her natural skin texture in completely makeup free photo

head and shoulders photo of ashley graham at the vanity fair oscar party wearing red with her hair up
Ashley Graham bares natural skin in no makeup picAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Ashley Graham just shared a selfie to her Instagram stories, at what looks to be the end of a workout, and honestly, we don't know what to say. With sweat pouring down her face and not a scrap of makeup to be seen, she looks, quite frankly, bloody gorgeous. This is absolutely not how we look after a gym sesh. Is this how anyone looks after the gym?

Baring her natural skin texture, the model has the most beautiful freckles scattered across her cheeks and we honestly cannot spot a pore on her bare skin.

ashley graham taking a selfie with no makeup and sweat
Instagram/ @AshleyGraham - Instagram

Those are brows we can only dream of – even with makeup on – we're seriously envious. If, like us, you need a little helping hand when it comes to defining your arches, please see our round-up of the very best eyebrow makeup, for all your brow-boosting needs.

We bow down to you Ashley, because trust us when we say, our post-spin class selfie is not quite as cute... While we can't relate to those flawless no-makeup brows, we can relate to that rosy post-workout flush and dewy glow - the only upside to being, well... a bit sweaty.

It's always nice to see a celeb cracking through Insta's perfectly filtered world with a little candid slice of reality, even if, on this occasion, the celeb in question still looks pretty much perfect. While we're big fans of a full glam makeup look - who doesn't love a bold lip and bright eye combo, after all? We can't lie, it is nice to see a stripped-back selfie every now and then.

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