Aussie fan forced to get utterly embarrassing Ashes tattoo

An Australian cricket die-hard has proven to be a man of his word, after taking to Reddit with an extraordinary Ashes wager.

Roughly a month ago the Aussie fan made a bet on the r/cricket sub-Reddit, claiming that ‘If Australia don’t win the Ashes, I will get a tattoo of the highest-rated comment’.

“Call it cockyness (sic) or confidence but I have faith in the Aussies (Smith) to bring home the goods,” the user wrote.

“This is not a joke, I will genuinely ink up if the Aussies lose. I am a man of my word.

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“Keep it to a sentence or two as I'll get it on the side of my foot.

“Be creative. If I'm dumb enough to get a stupid tattoo to impress a bunch of random internet people I at least want it to be a laugh.”

A laugh it indeed turned out to be, as the thread was quickly flooded with creative suggestions.

A love heart bearing Mitch Marsh’s name, an image of Ishant Sharma mocking Steve Smith, the New Zealand flag, and a declaration of love for Moeen Ali were all leading contenders, but all fell well short of the eventual winner.

The winning suggestion, ‘Stuart Broad is my hero. Jimmy Anderson, my lover.’ received more than 2500 votes - making it a clear selection.

Even the man behind the bet knew this was the runaway suggestion, asking whether he was allowed to vote it down in jest.

A cricket-mad Reddit user has had the names of English paceman Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson tattooed on his foot, after losing a bet that Australia would win the Ashes. Picture: Reddit

But with the Ashes drawn, the tattoo still, technically, had to be inked.

“A promise is a promise. Australia didn't technically "win" The Ashes series,” the original poster wrote.

“Here is my tattoo of the highest rated comment.”

Lo and behold, a picture of the man’s foot, with the ode to England’s fast bowling duo duly inked on the side.

Fair play.