Artist surprises BFF with touching memorial to her late mother: ‘Bawling right now’

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A resin artist surprised her friend with the most touching birthday gift. 

TikToker Lizzie creates resin art where she encapsulates flowers in the crystal-like material. While she usually posts her crafts on her profile, one project of hers was personal. The artist made her friend a resin pyramid, but what was inside of it is what made it so special. 

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“I asked my friend to help me film a random unmoulding,” Lizzie explained. “She didn’t know it was a surprise gift I made for her.” 

Her friend slowly removed the giant resin pyramid from its silicone mold. Inside was a stunning memorial to the friend’s mother, who passed away five years earlier. 

“Look how pretty!” the friend said, remarking on the colorful art before realizing what it really was. After gasping in awe, all she could say was, “That’s my mommy.” The pyramid contained pink flowers and photos of the woman’s mom.  

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“The sheer surprise and instant tears got me. I had to stop recording because I felt bad filming,” Lizzie wrote in the comment section. 

The video received over 30 million views. It left people feeling emotional. 

“You never stop needing your mommy,” a user said

“The tears aren’t gonna stop for a while,” another wrote. 

“If this video was any longer, I’d be bawling right now,” someone commented

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