Why artist has been forced to remove LeBron mural

LeBron completed his sensational move to the LA Lakers earlier this week and a huge mural was painted to celebrate the King’s arrival – but the spectacular artwork did not last long.

The mural initially received criticism for depicting the phrase “The King of LA” around James’ image, which many perceived as a slight toward Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, and it was vandalised as a result.

Security cameras caught vandals graffitiing the phrases “We don’t want you,” “LeFraud,” “No King,” and “3-6” (a jab at James’ career NBA Finals record) over the mural.

The LeBron mural before it was covered over with white paint. Pic: GodzoBall | Twitter

In response, the artist removed the word “of” when he cleaned up the graffiti, which you’d think would have put and end to the chaos.

However, vandals threw paint on the mural, prompting the original artist Jonas Never to cover it up entirely.

The LeBron mural after it was covered over with white paint (inset). Pic: GodzoBall | Twitter

The artist specialises in “topical” murals including recent works following the untimely deaths of chef Anthony Bourdain and musician Chester Bennington, which still remain intact.

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