Son Heung-min double earns Spurs north London derby draw at Arsenal

Arsenal vs Tottenham result: Son Heung-min double earns Spurs north London deby draw

Tottenham captain Son Heung-min’s brace earned his side a draw at Arsenal as the visitors twice came from behind in an absorbing derby.

Cristian Romero’s own goal after 26 minutes handed Arsenal the lead but Son equalised shortly before half-time as the visitors grew into the game.

Romero then conceded a penalty that was converted by Bukayo Saka in the 54th minute but Tottenham hit back almost immediately as Son punished a terrible mistake by Arsenal substitute Jorginho.

Both sides had chances to take maximum points with Son close to a hat-trick for Tottenham and Saka having a shot saved.

Ten minutes of stoppage time could not separate the sides as the draw ensured both remain undefeated in the league this season with 14 points from six games.

Arsenal vs Tottenham: as it happened

04:13 PM BST

Son and Maddison on Sky

Son: “Always a tough game. We gave everything. Fans can be proud. Perfect performance. On the penalty, the ref made the decision. It is an emotional game but we accept it. We bounced back strongly and showed character.”

Maddison: “I jolted my knee. You don’t want to be playing in a derby at less than 100% cos you can cost the team so I came off. We responded brilliantly after conceding, sometimes heads can drop. We want to show bravery and keep wanting the ball even if we make mistakes. Sometimes a draw is a fair result, that was a proper Premier League game.”

04:09 PM BST


04:02 PM BST

Full time: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

A highly enjoyable match, Spurs will be the happier but both sides have a lot to take from that encounter.

Both sides also leave it with some injury concerns, potentially: Rice off at half time, Maddison on 75 minutes. We will have to see on that.

04:00 PM BST

90+9 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Richarlison! So close to steering that home after a good run from Kulusevski. Leads to a corner that Arsenal clear and.... that is the end of the match.

03:58 PM BST

90+6 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Smith-Rowe comes on for Saka. It’s Arsenal who seem the more likely but Spurs have also just had a good attack and a deflected shot that the Arsenal keeper gathered under his own bar.

03:53 PM BST

90+2 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Arsenal have a corner, Romero with an excellent clearing header, Saka drills a low shot in through the crowd. Decent save! Corner.

That corner soon leads to another corner and Spurs are hanging on manfully but precariously.

Suggestion of a handball from Udogie as he jumps but no further investigation. Sky’s Gary Neville thinks that was more of a pen than the pen given earlier....

03:51 PM BST

90 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Ten minutes are going to be added and BOTH sets of fans cheer!

03:50 PM BST

89 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Saka has fouled Udogie, the Spurs man falls on top of him and Saka is hurt. Oh hang on. That freekick went the way of Spurs. Udogie caught Saka not the other way round.

03:49 PM BST

88 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Spurs defending, Porro excellent. But Arsenal are turning the screw here and have another corner. Excellent defending from Bissouma.

03:48 PM BST

86 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Here’s a great chance for Havertz, 60 million quid’s worth of MEH as far as I am concerned and nothing about the way he skies this chance from 20 yards a mile over the bar makes me what to change that assessment.

03:45 PM BST

84 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Arsenal on the attack. Spurs defending doggedly. A corner for the home side.

The flick on at the front post - but Nketiah is on his heels at the back stick.

03:42 PM BST

79 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Richarlison and Hojbjerg the spurs men who come on. Which side has the verve and courage to go for the win here?

03:38 PM BST

77 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Gabriel Jesus comes off, Nelson on.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Son and Maddison are coming off for Spurs.

03:37 PM BST

76 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

But now it is Arsenal’s turn to attack, Ben White getting forward on the overlap, crosses but not perfectly. It cannons off Nketiah and that’s easy for the keeper.

03:36 PM BST

75 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Spurs having a good spell, they have Arsenal under a lot of pressure.

03:36 PM BST

74 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Lovely break this from Spurs. Sweeping move. Porro looking dangerous coming forward. Important intervention from Gabriel stops a cross at the expense of a corner.

Ref has booked someone from the corner. Romero, I think..

03:32 PM BST

71 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Maddison is carrying on. That’s great to see. Spurs with a corner but Arsenal deal with it well.

03:30 PM BST

69 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Maddison has jolted his knee in a tackled with Jorginho. Eurch, horrid one. Hope he is okay. He’s down and getting treatment.

03:28 PM BST

66 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Nketiah flies in with his studs up on the Spurs keeper. Lucky not to get a red there.

03:25 PM BST

62 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Solomon replaces the injured Johnson, and he’s into the action right away as he exchanges passes with the breaking Maddison. James hoofs his shot a mile over.

03:20 PM BST

57 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2

Thrilling, this. Spurs have roared back.

03:17 PM BST

GOAL! Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2 (Son 55)

Jorginho, with all his experience, has had a shocker! He dallies on the ball, Maddison pinches it, he carries it forward and slots it to Son, who tucks the ball away and roars in delight at the Spurs fans.

Gurreh Neville reckons Arsenal over celebrated that goal and they needed to switch back on quicker...

Sam Dean: “Jorginho’s entire game is built on him being comfortable on the ball in those exact positions. Of all the players to give it away there, he is probably the last that Mikel Arteta would have expected. More proof that north London derbies are a mental test as much as anything else.”

03:16 PM BST

54 mins: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 1

Any way back for Spurs? This game does not feel over yet by any means.

03:15 PM BST

GOAL! Arsenal 2 Tottenham 1 (Saka 54 pen)

Saka steps up confidently and plants that down the centre. He runs over to the fans and is mobbed by then. Huge grin as he runs back. What a splendid young fellow he is.

03:12 PM BST

49 mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1

Huge appeal for a penalty. Arsenal are pressuring Spurs and have a corner. There is a goalmouth scramble. White controls it and spins and fires. Romero stretches in desperation and the ball hits his hand. Not given on field.

Var check is complete, but here is the referee going over to the monitor.

This comes down to a matter of opinion then...

... and the referee has given a penalty!

Romero with a first half own goal and then a second half penalty. Not a day to remember.

03:07 PM BST

46 mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1

Some surprising changes for Arsenal: Declan Rice and Fabio Viera off. Havertz and Jorginho are on.

02:59 PM BST

Half time: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1

An exciting half, Arsenal well on top for most of it. Saka tormenting. Spurs didn’t capitulate though, and pulled one back.

02:49 PM BST

45+ mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1

Yeah, Bissouma ran up to the ref and shouted in his face.

02:48 PM BST

45 mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1

Jesus on the break, Sarr grabs him around the neck and is correctly booked.

Bissouma also booked, I think for verbals but I’ll need to check.

02:44 PM BST

GOAL! Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1 (Son 41)

Shock equaliser! Arsenal seemed to be well on top.

Arsenal fail to clear, Maddison gets to the byline and has the better of Saka, beats his man and plays it across. Son applies the finish, despite the attentions of three Arsenal defenders.

Part of the problem in clearing that initially was that keeper Raya flapped at the ball unwisely.

02:39 PM BST

38 mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0

Bad news for Aaron Ramsdale’s career prospects - Raya has just pulled off a worldie of a save. Spurs get down the right, cut it back, shot comes in and Raya, at full stretch, somehow manages to palm it away.

Son with the great run and Johnson the man who shot.

Ramsdale, generously/performatively/through gritted teeth, applauds extravagantly on the bench...

02:38 PM BST

36 mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0

Saka is mullering Spurs. Opening up space for colleagues, too. BS slips it inside now for Odegaard, who curls one and hits the target.

02:33 PM BST

31 mins: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0

Maddison is having a poor game. He’s dithering on the ball in his own area (?!), Jesus pounces, robs him, and luckily for Madders, a rush of blood to the head sees the Arsenal player blooter the ball miles over.

Sam Dean writes: “Arsenal are right on top now. No focal point in the Spurs attack and they’re not getting through when they try to pass out from the back.”

02:28 PM BST

GOAL! Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0 (Romero OG 25)

Saka picks it up and that left back area is a huge problem for Spurs as I said. Udogie is not at the races, he’s not even hardly in the frame as Saka curls the ball in. Romero sticks a leg out and deflects it past his own keeper. Poor from Udogie and poor also from Romero for wafting his leg, completely selling the keeper down the river.

Spurs left winger Johnson is also MIA, not helping out the full back.

02:26 PM BST

24 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Maddison delivers a freekick but from miles out and it’s easily dealt with.

02:25 PM BST

23 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Maddison is getting a fair bit of the ball but 50 yards from goal.

02:25 PM BST

22 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Udogie has got his work cut out. He might need some help down that flank.

02:19 PM BST

18 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Spurs release some pressure. Porro gets down the right and drills a hard low cross. Ben White hooks it clear, it finds Sarr, who produces a very poor shot.

Sam Dean writes: “Lots of little fouls so far, slowing the game a bit, but Arsenal are starting to exert their dominance but they are not having it all their own way. Udogie could be in for a long afternoon, on a yellow card against Saka.”

02:17 PM BST

16 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Udogie’s head has gone. He’s received the ball in the left back area, panicked, and played a short back pass to his keeper. Nketiah pounces, and shoots.

02:16 PM BST

15 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Booking for Udogie after he chops down Saka.

Odegaard, lack of smarts from him, mimes ‘yellow card’.... and gets a yellow card. Do try to keep up, Martin.

02:14 PM BST

13 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Saka plays the ball in and Jesus meets it at the back post! Narrow angle but he hits the target and that is a good save.

02:12 PM BST

11 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

But Spurs having plenty of the ball.

02:12 PM BST

10 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Most of the game is being contested in Spurs territory.

02:07 PM BST

6 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Porro kicks Jesus on the back of the leg.

02:07 PM BST

5 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Some amazing talents on display here.

Saka and Odegaard with a clever link up, but Spurs snap and get it off them, then start a pacey attack of their own through Johnson, who cannot make too much of it.

02:04 PM BST

3 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Johnson runs at White, who allows him to come inside. Johnson shoots, it is deflected out for a corner.

Half cleared, drilled back in and Son taps it in the net but he was five yards offside. He does not celebrate.

02:03 PM BST

2 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Crowd are cheering every tackle, every run.

Jesus is playing out on the left.

02:01 PM BST

1 mins: Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

Spurs, in white, kick off.

Viera is fouled.

02:00 PM BST


in black suit, white shirt, black tie, looks like he is going to a funeral.

01:56 PM BST

Jamie Redknapp

“this has become the best derby in the country.”

01:56 PM BST

The players are in the tunnel

The atmos is excellent.

01:54 PM BST

Thoughts about the line ups

01:53 PM BST

A bizarre moment there

where Sky’s Main Event coverage cut to the Solheim golf, be intrigued to know who called that one.

01:27 PM BST

Teams analysis

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta once again gives the nod to David Raya for the north London derby with Tottenham.

Raya made his debut for the Gunners at Everton last weekend and is selected to start his third match in a row with Aaron Ramsdale left on the bench.

Arteta also sprang a surprise up front with Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah both starting. Leandro Trossard has been ruled out by a minor injury.

Tottenham make one change from last weekend’s dramatic victory over Sheffield United with Brennan Johnson handed his full debut.

Johnson made an impression off the bench against the Blades and comes into the starting line-up for Manor Solomon.

01:25 PM BST


“I am looking forward to it, this is why you join the big clubs, to be part of these big occasions. I don’t look too much in historical stuff: I wasn’t here, and most of the players weren’t here.

“Aside from the rivalry, Arsenal are a very good football team and will be up there at the end of the season.

“We will need some contributions from guys coming off the bench. Big loss to lose Ivan Perisic in the week but otherwise we are in good shape and not too many injuries.

“I know what this fixture means for a supporters. But for us as a group it is a good chance to see where we are.”

01:14 PM BST

Neville on the fixture

01:09 PM BST

Arteta talks to Sky Sports

“A very different game, you can feel the passion and the rivalry. We are both in a good moment.”

01:02 PM BST


Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Odegaard, Rice, Vieira, Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Nketiah. Subs: Ramsdale, Smith Rowe, Kiwior, Cedric, Tomiyasu, Jorginho, Nelson, Elneny, Havertz.

Tottenham Hotspur: Vicario, Porro, Romero, van de Ven, Udogie, Sarr, Bissouma, Kulusevski, Maddison, Son, Johnson. Subs: Skipp, Hojbjerg, Richarlison, Emerson, Dier, Forster, Solomon, Davies, Veliz.

Referee: Robert Jones (Merseyside)

Arteta explains that Trossard had a muscle injury in training yesterday. “I have had a lot of headaches picking this line up because there are many I could pick, it is good to have this difficulty.”

He also tells Sky “I will choose the goalkeeper each match” ie he is not naming a number one.

12:50 PM BST

Team news will be on the hour

Ahead of the 2pm kick off.

12:45 PM BST

Arteta on Rice

Here is my colleague Sam Dean with a piece about the Arsenal manager and his exciting signing.

Mikel Arteta says “extraordinary” Declan Rice has adapted even faster than he expected following the midfielder’s club-record £105million move to Arsenal from West Ham United this summer.

Rice has instantly become a key player for his new team and has impressed with his understanding of a totally different style of play.

The England international has started every match for Arsenal this season and he starred again on his Champions League debut against PSV Eindhoven in midweek.

“In a really natural way he is doing what he has done for the last few seasons,” said Arteta. “Now he is doing it for us in an extraordinary way.

“He is really enjoying our way of playing, first of all, and he is competing and playing at a really high level right from the beginning, which is always a question mark when you move teams.”

Asked if Rice has exceeded expectations so far, Arteta added: “In terms of how quickly he has adapted, yes. You hope when you pay big money it is going to happen, and happen soon, because it is going to help everybody. I am really pleased with him.”

Rice is set to start at the base of midfield again on Sunday in his first ever north London derby and Arteta has no doubts that the 24-year-old will be ready for the occasion.

“He knows what to expect and has played many derbies,” Arteta said. “I am sure he will set the tone.”

With Tottenham Hotspur playing a more expansive style of football under Ange Postecoglou, Arsenal are preparing to face a different style of opponent compared to the more defence-minded Spurs of recent seasons.

It is likely to be a battle for possession and Arteta is hoping that his team can better impose themselves on the occasion.

“Every manager has his own beliefs,” said Arteta. “I don’t feel comfortable dominating the game without the ball. It’s something I don’t know how to do. We want to both have the ball, that is for sure — in the right areas, with the right players on the ball and creating what we want to create.”

12:43 PM BST

Betting offers and free bets

Both North London teams head into the game on 13 points and with everything broadly positive in camp, but who will you be backing to win with these betting offers and free bets?

12:28 PM BST

North London Derby coming up

Good afternoon, hope you are having a pleasant and restful Sunday so far. You join us ahead of kick off in North London, where Arsenal host Spurs for a 2pm fixture in the Premier League.

It has been rare over recent years for a North London Derby not to find at least one of the teams in a crisis. But today, both Tottenham and Arsenal come in to this fixture at The Emirates in decent form and decent heart.

The Ange Postecoglou era has begun with four wins and a draw out of the first five Premier League games, and it seems clear that he has brought some good vibes and new thinking into the club.

Here, Sam Wallace takes a look at what Ange has done, how, and why.

Ange Postecoglou’s scenic route to Spurs shows the value in thinking outside the box

The Aussie seems like a very likeable bloke but not a guy to get on the wrong side of. I enjoyed his interview with Gary Lineker on Football Focus this weekend. Here’s Mike McGrath with some more on the new Spurs boss.

Yves Bissouma: Hairdryer treatment from Ange Postecoglou turned my Tottenham career around

I enjoyed these quotes from the players saying that he’d had car trouble so he was late. “I had a flat tyre and there was a lot of traffic as well. But it’s not an excuse.”

I mean it does sound a bit like an excuse.

It sounds like they are adapting to life after Harry as well as can be expected.

Harry Kane scores first Bayern Munich hat-trick in Bochum thrashing

Arsenal, likewise, have made a decent start to the campaign, also with four wins and a draw in the League, and a most encouraging 4-0 thumping of PSV in Europe midweek.

They both come into this unbeaten, the first time that’s happened since 1990.

Spurs record at Arsenal is really poor in the Premier League period. They’ve only taken three points in two of their 31 Premier League visits to their north London neighbours, drawing 11 and losing 18.