'Arsenal can't be losing three in a row'

Declan Rice in action for Arsenal
Declan Rice in action for Arsenal

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice speaking to TNT Sports: "Tough game. We knew what to expect and we knew it was a big night. We wanted to get three points on the board, that was key.

"After the upset in the cup and on the weekend, a club like Arsenal can't be losing three games in a row. The manager made that clear. Sometimes when you're playing against a back five it's hard to break down but we kept persisting.

"I've just been taking it game by game. I don't want to be boring but every time I put the shirt on I try to start well. I want to do the best I can for the team. There's more I can still add. But it's been a good start. I'm excited for what's to come.

"I think my best position is probably as a number 6. As a number 8 I do get a bit excited. My biggest strength is breaking up the play and taking the ball from deep. I do get excited when I play number 8 though. I get to show the other side of my game. I didn't stop running tonight!

"Our next game here is at home. We're close to the knockout stages and once you get there it all starts again. That's how you push on and stay focused.

"We love it. You see how passionate Mikel Arteta is. He's living the game through us. He's so energetic. It really fires us up for the game."