Arsenal 5-0 Chelsea: What Pochettino said

Mauricio Pochettino looks down dejected
[Getty Images]

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino speaking to TNT Sports: "I think we started the game not so well. We concede the goal and then it was difficult for us to recover from this goal.

"I think in the first half we compete after 10, 15 minutes. We could not approach the game like we started in the first half and we didn't compete the way we needed to compete and then when they scored the third it was easy for Arsenal to control the game.

"I think you need to be clinical. Like against Manchester City three days ago, we were not clinical and then today the same thing happened. Difficult performance because it is not nice to see your team play like this when you are meant to have full energy. After three days when you play a fantastic game against Manchester City, today we are disappointed with the performance."

On whether Cole Palmer was the reason they lost at Arsenal: "We cannot say that was the reason we lose the game but we lose a player who is a creative player who helps to link the team. We are losing players and that has made very difficult, the management. But I think today, more than that, it was difficult to be in the game.

"Where Arsenal are is where we need to be as well. We are talking too much this season and all the information we receive now is that we want to be in a different position next season."

On Chelsea's European prospects: "Now it is difficult to see the future because after this game we feel disappointed. It is difficult to talk about objectives.

"If we compete like Saturday, OK. But if we compete like today, do I think we deserve to go into Europe? I think in this way, no."