Army Reservist Admits to Plotting With Jan. 6 Suspect to Kill FBI Agents

Laurel County Jail
Laurel County Jail

A Tennessee man has admitted to plotting with a Jan. 6 defendant to kill FBI personnel who had worked on the defendant’s case. Austin Carter, a 26-year-old who was an Army Reserves member when he was arrested in December 2022, admitted in a plea deal that he plotted with Edward Kelley to commit the murders. A December court filing said Kelley gave Carter a list of 37 law enforcement and FBI employees who worked on his Jan. 6 case, and the pair intended to ambush the Knoxville, Tennessee FBI Field Office “to retaliate against government conduct.” Kelley, in turn, passed the list on to a witness who is cooperating with the feds. According to NBC News, prosecutors agreed to seek a sentence of 120 months in prison or less for Carter.

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