Argylle star Bryan Cranston has met the real-life Elly Conway

Argylle actors Bryan Cranston and Bryce Dallas Howard have teased that they know who the real-life Elly Conway is, and that they've met her.

In the film, Howard plays Conway, the author of the in-universe Argylle novels who gets dragged into a world of secrets agents and saving agents.

In real life, Elly Conway's first Argylle novel came out this month, meaning director Matthew Vaughn and his team read it years ago and decided to make a sort-of meta film to tie in with the release.

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However, nobody seems to know who Conway is. Some have speculated that Elly Conway is Taylor Swift's pen name, which Vaughn denied.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Cranston said: "We have [met her], yes. Can't talk about it."

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you," Howard joked. "We'd have to literally kill you."

bryce dallas howard as elly conway in argylle
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Elly Conway's identity is not the only thing about Argylle that has got people talking.

Much has been made of Henry Cavill's angular hairstyle, and co-star Sam Rockwell said he found it amusing how "obsessed" people get with the haircut.

"We're thinking about so many different things, but obviously the haircut's a big deal. It's this iconic silhouette," he said.

argylle official trailer

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"For a movie, it's fun because you don't have to do that hairstyle yourself. Someone else is taking care of it," Cavill added. "I'm not the kind of guy who gets the hairdryer out every morning and makes sure my hair stands straight on end.

"It's a really fun hairstyle and it creates an iconic silhouette, which is the whole point, but real life, not for me."

Argylle is released in UK cinemas on February 1 and in US cinemas on February 2. It will stream later globally on Apple TV+.

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