Aquaman 2 will bring back the drum-playing octopus

topo in aquaman
Aquaman 2 will bring back the drum-playing octopusWarner Bros.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will once again feature that drum-smashing octopus from the first movie.

Appearing for a few seconds in the original Aquaman as Arthur Curry and King Orm entered their Atlantean coliseum, Topo has "a stronger presence" during this year's long-delayed sequel.

Director James Wan told Entertainment Weekly that Topo is "an actual character" this time around. The octopus, who is an ally of Aquaman in the comics, can be seen riding with Jason Momoa's character on a seahorse named Storm in the trailer for the new movie.

topo in aquaman
Warner Bros.

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Wan went on to tease more about what viewers can expect, saying: "One of the funnest things for me about this movie is designing the Lost Kingdom. We see what the Lost Kingdom is, we see this society, and within it we see the vehicles and the toys and the weapons and all that.

"The Octobot is one of their traveling vehicles that move in and out of the water. Everything about the Lost Kingdom came from my love for the Silver Age Aquaman comic book, which is the 1960s comic book. So, everything about it has a very retro feel."

jason momoa in aquaman and the lost kingdom teaser
Warner Bros.

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The Lost Kingdom production designer Bill Brzeski also spoke to the publication, comparing Wan's vision to that of vintage epics like The Voyage of Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts, which are synonymous with the late special effects icon Ray Harryhausen.

"James has turned this into his version of a Harryhausen movie. There are problems and issues a modern audience could relate to, but it's got a great quest and monsters," Brzeski teased.

And in response to the comparisons to Harryhausen's work, Wan himself proudly said: "That's the biggest compliment, because that's the spirit that I was going for."

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits UK and US cinemas on December 20.

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