Antonio Brown blows off court appearance for reckless driving

Apparently Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown has now added court appearances to the list of things he can’t be bothered to show up for.

On Tuesday morning, he was a no-show in a Pittsburgh-area courtroom for a summary trial related to a November incident.

No-show leads to guilty judgment

Via, court records show that Brown did not show for the 8:30 a.m. ET hearing in front of Magisterial District Judge Richard Opiela in his West View, Pa. His lawyer, James Hankle, was present but did not answer when asked where Brown was.

No-show: Steelers’ WR Antonio Brown didn’t show for a Tuesday morning court hearing. (Getty Images)

By not appearing, Opiela handed down a guilty verdict on the charge of reckless driving, which carries a fine.

Brown has paid $426 in fines related to the case.

November speeding incident

Brown was cited last November 8, when a police officer patrolling McKnight Road in Ross Township saw Brown’s black Porsche speeding by; police said the 30-year-old was traveling over 100 mph. The area where Brown was pulled over is about 8 miles north of Heinz Field. The speed limit is 45 mph.

Brown was in headlines less than a week ago after police were called to his Florida home because of a domestic dispute with the mother of one of this children. He was not arrested.

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