Fans slam 'pussycat' Mundine after quitting the jungle

Anthony Mundine has joined Bernard Tomic in quitting 'I'm a Celeb', and fans have had a pretty hilarious reaction.

The 42-year-old took to social media to reveal that Thursday night's episode of the reality TV show would be his last.

“It was an incredible experience but I miss my family and feel like I have accomplished everything I wanted to do,” Mundine wrote.

“I did all but one of the trials (which I couldn’t compete in because of my foot) and met some great people and went out with a bang on an epic trial that you will see tonight.”

Mundine and Green went at it on the show. Image: Network Ten

Mundine and Tomic's exits are the first in the show's three-season history.

The boxer is said to have quit after taking part in the notorious 'Viper Room' challenge, which involves being in a box filled with snakes.

“Viper Room seemed to push both Danny Green and Anthony Mundine to their limits,” Host Chris Brown told News Corp.

“The expectation was that that trial would bring them closer together but it seems it may have been the straw that broke The Man’s back.”

Fans have flocked to social media to slam Mundine, with many seeing the funny side in the fact that Green has outlasted Mundine once again.

Green got the better of Mundine 12 months ago in their boxing rematch in Adelaide.

Mundine and Green had a fiery encounter when the latter boxer was introduced to the show as an intruder.

“I’ll whip your arse,” Mundine told Green.

“We could walk up the hill and do it now, Choc, no problems,” Green responded.

“I’m not doing it for free, I want to get paid for this,” Mundine said.

'The Man' then declared Green the biggest cat in the jungle, saying "he's one ginormous pussycat."

Mundine and Green in the ring. Image: Getty

Mundine wasted no time causing controversy on the show, slammed on multiple occasions for 'sexist' remarks.

Mundine told his female counterparts to cook and clean for him, while also saying women should never wear skirts above knee length.

“I just kick back and relax while women cook and clean. That is my attitude,” he said.

"I'm just bringing old-fashioned back... there's roles, there's equality but there's roles.

"The men hunt, the men provide everything, and the women (they do) domestic duties."

People were having none of it on social media, immediately calling out the former NRL star for his backwards attitude.