Anne Hathaway Falls For A Young Pop Star In 'The Idea Of You' Trailer

A single mom’s backstage encounter with a global pop star leads to an unexpected romance in Anne Hathaway’s new movie, “The Idea of You.”

The film follows Solène (Hathaway), a 40-year-old divorced woman who accompanies her teen daughter (Ella Rubin) to the Coachella Music Festival after Solène’s ex-husband (Reid Scott) backs out at the last minute.

Once there, Solène is introduced to Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), who happens to be the dreamy frontman of a famous boy band, August Moon. Much to Solène’s dismay, she and Hayes begin a passionate love affair that lasts well beyond the festival’s conclusion.

Watch “The Idea of You” trailer below: 

While the couple has no problem packing on the PDA in secret, can they get beyond their age gap and sustain a bona fide relationship while under the collective watch of August Moon’s fans and the paparazzi? Viewers will see when the film releases on May 2.

“The Idea of You” is directed by Michael Showalter and based on Robinne Lee’s 2017 novel of the same name.

In 2020, Lee told Vogue that she was inspired to write the book after catching a music video by a male pop artist on YouTube. After a little online research, she soon discovered the singer, who she did not identify by name, “often dated older women, and so the seed was planted.”

Galitzine and Hathaway in
Galitzine and Hathaway in "The Idea of You." The movie is based on Lee’s 2017 novel of the same name. Courtesy of Prime

In her interview with Vogue, Lee also discussed how Harry Styles was an “initial muse” for Hayes but downplayed the pop star being an inspiration for “The Idea of You.”

“This was never supposed to be a book about Harry Styles,” she said. “It was supposed to be a story about a woman approaching 40 and reclaiming her sexuality and rediscovering herself, just at the point that society traditionally writes women off as desirable and viable and whole.”