Andrew Scott's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

paul mescal and andrew scott in all of us strangers
Andrew Scott's new movie debuts with 100% RT scoreCourtesy of Searchlight Picture

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal's new film All of Us Strangers has landed a coveted 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (at the time of writing).

The film features the two actors as a pair of men who live in the same block and develop a close friendship that becomes something more (with some "fearless" sex scenes promised). Meanwhile, one of the two men is living with his parents... who died years ago.

Some critics have seen the film already and have heaped praise upon it. They have pointed out that it's not really about whatever supernatural or metaphysical elements are going on, and that the return of the parents is a lens to explore the topic of loss. And the film does so in an incredibly heartbreaking way.

paul mescal and andrew scott in all of us strangers
Courtesy of Searchlight Picture

Here's what some of the critics have said so far:

The Hollywood Reporter

"All of Us Strangers has qualities that have always been there in [director Andrew] Haigh's work — a keen perceptiveness about human nature, desire, fear, loss and the restorative power of connection.

"Here, those aspects come together in his most uniquely personal film since Weekend, a feeling perhaps fortified by the knowledge that scenes with Adam's parents were shot in the director's own childhood home. The movie also makes eloquent points about the refuge of imagination, even if it's temporary."


"Loosely inspired by Japanese writer Taichi Yamada’s 1987 novel Strangers, Haigh's low-key English-language adaptation is a curious kind of ghost story, at once incredibly tender and profoundly devastating as it slowly reveals its secrets.

"Best known as the creator of HBO's landmark LGBT series Looking, Haigh takes the hetero source material and reconfigures it around his unapologetically gay protagonist, downplaying the supernatural elements while adding a uniquely queer emotional core."

paul mescal, andrew scott, all of us strangers
Courtesy of Searchlight Picture

The Guardian

"Opinions may be divided over the film's final scene, whether it takes this drama too far into another (familiar) genre and whether the scenes in which we've made such a tearful emotional investment have merely been misdirection. But what tremendous performances from all four; what style Haigh brings to this movie, fusing the themes of romantic relationships and intergenerational relationships of his previous movies Weekend and 45 Years."


"The film's hushed modesty allows Haigh to create an ethereal atmosphere so cold and sterile that Adam and Harry might as well be the last two men on Earth; the fire between them is kindled with such care that it seems like the entire world might go dark if it went out. That heightened focus draws our eye to every muscle of Scott's crushingly gentle smile, as we search for a lifetime of unspoken feeling in each little twitch of his lips."

All of Us Strangers will be released in the US on December 22 and does not yet have a UK release date.

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