Andrew Haigh responds to Andrew Scott's All of Us Strangers BAFTA snub

andrew scott, all of us strangers
All of Us Strangers director addresses BAFTA snubCourtesy of Searchlight Picture

All of Us Strangers might have landed six BAFTA nominations last week, but Andrew Scott surprisingly missed out on a Leading Actor nomination.

Along with the likes of Lily Gladstone and Greta Lee missing out on acting nominations too, Scott's absence was seen as a major snub by BAFTA given that his performance has gained universal acclaim.

Talking to Digital Spy ahead of All of Us Strangers' release in UK cinemas this Friday (January 26), writer and director Andrew Haigh was as surprised as the rest of us when his leading star missed out.

"I'm a little bit heartbroken that Andrew hasn't been nominated as well. I think if we've got no nominations, if nothing had happened, I might have been like, 'Well, okay. That's fine. They obviously don't like the film'," he explained.

andrew haigh and andrew scott on the set of all of us strangers
Andrew Haigh and Andrew Scott on setChris Harris/Searchlight Pictures

"But it's a little bit sad to me that there were six nominations, but he's not one of them. Because he is the centre of the film and the film doesn't work without him. All of the other nominations are related to the fact that he's so good in the film.

"So I'm a little bit sad that he's not nominated, but you know what? It doesn't take away from his performance in the film, and his performance is wonderful."

Scott's co-stars Paul Mescal and Claire Foy both landed BAFTA nominations, as did Haigh for Director and Adapted Screenplay. All of Us Strangers will also compete for Outstanding British Film against the likes of The Zone of Interest and Saltburn.

andrew scott, paul mescal, all of us strangers
Searchlight Pictures

Talking last year, Haigh praised Scott and Mescal's approach to the movie's sex scenes, calling both actors "pretty fearless" in their approach.

"There was chemistry between the two of them literally the second I saw them together," he recalled. "There was no sense of them being afraid of approaching those scenes. They knew how important they were."

Check back on Friday on Digital Spy for the full Rainbow Crew interview with Andrew Haigh.

All of Us Strangers is released in UK cinemas on January 26 and is out now in US cinemas.

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