Amputee racer outdoes Ricciardo with 'leggy' celebration

A double amputee racer from Britain has taken inspiration from Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘shoey’ celebration with an awesome post-race stunt of his own.

Where Formula One star Ricciardo is synonymous with the ‘shoey,’ Billy Monger has now made a name for himself as the king of the ‘leggy.’

Ricciardo has popularised the ritual of drinking champagne out of his shoe as a way of celebrating podium finishes in the F1.

But Monger has gone one better than the Aussie star, with footage capturing the 19-year-old removing one of his prosthetic legs and using it as a vessel to skoll champagne from.

That was for a third place finish in the British Formula 3 Championship race at Spa-Francorchamps, with the teen star paying homage to the Aussie racer afterwards.

“There’s a good friend of mine in the military who has been teaching me a few tricks,” Monger said after the race.”

“Drinking champagne out of a leg is one of them.

“I thought, I haven’t been on the podium for so long that I needed to remind the boys that this is what it’s all about.

Ricciardo has made the ‘shoey’ celebration his own. Pic: Getty

“I hope the boys [in team Carlin] enjoyed it and they might have to drink out of my leg later on too.”

Monger had the lower parts of both legs removed after a horrific crash at a race in Donington while competing in the F4 British Championship.

He’s hoping to one day race in Formula One after successfully testing an F1 car equipped with hand controls in June this year.