Amp Up That Loaded Baked Potato With A Hearty Helping Of Tuna

Baked potato with tuna salad
Baked potato with tuna salad - bonchan/Shutterstock

Beyond simply making your classic oven-baked potato recipe, adding a few robust toppings can turn your spuds into a well-rounded meal. Not only are potatoes quite affordable, but their neutral flavor profile pairs well with several different foods. While adding your favorite veggies, cheese, and seasonings is a great way to amp up the taste of your baked spuds, you need an efficient protein source to leave your belly full and satisfied. While you can add leftover chili, canned beans, and even fried eggs to your next baked potato, adding a solid portion of perfectly seasoned tuna salad is both tasty and nutritious. Better yet, canned tuna is also affordable, and whether you choose oil or water-packed varieties, Healthline claims canned tuna is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Combine the cost-effectiveness of both potatoes and canned tuna with their satisfying taste-related qualities, and you have one delicious and healthy combination. Since canned tuna is already cooked, all you need to do is prepare your favorite tuna salad or season this canned delicacy as you wish and wait for your potatoes to bake. Before we get into extra ways you can elevate tuna-topped baked potatoes, let's discuss different ways you can prepare your canned fish so it serves as the ideal accompaniment to perfectly cooked potatoes.

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How To Make A Flavorful Tuna-Based Topping For Your Next Baked Potato

Bowl of tuna salad with onion
Bowl of tuna salad with onion - Debbismirnoff/Getty Images

Creating a delicious tuna salad is your main priority for serving this protein-rich food as a veritable meal option. Traditional tuna salad is often made with a blend of mayonnaise, mustard, your favorite seasoning, and some finely minced raw veggies such as celery and onion. If you want to make a fast weeknight meal, make your tuna salad ahead of time and store the mixture in the fridge until your potato is freshly baked.

If you're not a huge fan of mayonnaise, you can make a delicious tuna salad with creamy Greek yogurt, which carries a sufficient amount of protein and a host of essential vitamins and minerals. You can skip the mayo in tuna salad while adding a big flavor with pepperoncini and olive oil. Level up your traditional tuna salad with capers or dried cranberries. While you have many options, if you want to pack an additional punch of protein, add some chopped cooked bacon or canned chickpeas. Whichever way you craft this hearty mixture will prove convenient and tasty when added to a warm and soft baked potato. Now that you know how to make canned tuna extra tasty, how exactly do you serve this flavorful mixture on a potato?

Enjoy Your Next Fresh Baked Potato With Moist And Flavorful Tuna

Baked potato with tuna and corn
Baked potato with tuna and corn - Robyn Mackenzie/Shutterstock

While roasting is the usual go-to technique, if you want soft and fluffy baked potatoes, throw them in the slow cooker. Regardless of which method you choose to achieve the perfect texture in your next round of cooked spuds, combining them with your tasty tuna salad is essential. Slice open your potato and add butter, salt, and pepper to add savoriness to its mild flavor. Then simply scoop in your tuna salad and enjoy. Your next convenient and satisfying meal is that simple.

Yet, if you're looking for additional ways to add flavor, why not transform your tuna-filled baked potato into a tuna melt alternative by adding a slice of cheese to the top? Since your tuna salad is most likely cold from sitting in your refrigerator, if you want the cheese to melt, pop your tuna-filled potato back in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese is nice and soft. For those looking for additional texture, try topping your tuna potato with roasted sunflower seeds or a sprinkling of buttered panko croutons. To add more color and flavor, adorn your finished product with chopped green onions or minced parsley or dill. Whether you load your potato with various extras or keep the toppings to a minimum, adding flavorful tuna salad to your next baked potato makes for a simple, tasty, and fulfilling meal.

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