The amazing moment Eddie Betts met his new daughter on FaceTime

Months after revealing he watched the birth of his third and fourth children through a video call, Eddie Betts has shared the heartwarming image of the moment the first twin arrived.

Maggie and Alice were born in early April while Betts was in Melbourne as Adelaide prepared to face St Kilda.

Betts kicked three goals in the 49-point win to celebrate the big day but it was only after the match when the big news was known.

The twins came a few weeks early and the deliveries on the morning of the game came so quickly that Betts wouldn’t have made it back even if he’d caught the next flight.

So, in a very modern twist, this is how he saw Maggie – and then Alice – enter the world:

“Shout out to my wife, she actually gave birth today, to twins,” he told Channel 7 after the game that night.

“I was actually sitting in the lobby when she called me on FaceTime, watching the two little babies (arrive).”

Betts, who later told his teammates as a group, had to watch it in the lobby because that was the only place he could get strong internet – and it proved problematic.

The star forward always has time for his fans but this time had to shoo one away after a quick photo request almost interrupted the family’s big moment.

“I felt real bad because I was so rude to him because I was watching my daughters, so whoever that dude is, I’m sorry!” he told the Adelaide website.

Betts won’t have to worry about another video call any time soon.

With four kids now in the house, he said there will be no more.