Amateur fighter lands 'most violent head kick since Holm v Rousey'

You probably haven’t heard of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, the organisation trying to get MMA into the Olympics.

But over the weekend they held an amateur tournament where fighters took to cage up to three times in three days in an eight-person knockout tournament.

Considering the battering some can take even if they come out of a bout victorious, that’s no small achievement.

For Finland’s Jenni Kivioja the task was made a little easier in her first fight of the 2018 Senior European Championships in Romania with what termed “the most violent head kick knockout in WMMA since Holm v Rousey”.

Rousey, of course, had her unbeaten run as a UFC superstar ended by Holly Holm in Melbourne in 2015.

In Bucharest, with the clock ticking down against Swedish fighter Jessica Forslund Reis, Kivioja pounced with her own brutally fast and powerful kick.

Forslund Reis had her own right leg ready – but she was so late and so slow that Kivioja had already connected.

Kivioja went on to win a silver medal, defeated by Germany’s Julia Dorney in the final.

Massive hit. Pic: IMMAF