'Most incredible save in history': Skier's terrifying 112km/h close call

Andrew Reid
·3-min read
Pictured here, Max Muzaton's terrifying high-speed alpine skiing close call.
Max Muzaton's astonishing save left viewers in disbelief. Pic: Eurosport

French skier Max Muzaton has left the sporting world in disbelief after one of the luckiest escapes you're ever likely to see.

The Frenchman was competing at the World Alpine Skiing Championships in Italy's Cortina d’Ampezzo, when disaster struck.

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Travelling at an eye-watering speed of around 112km/h, Muzaton looked destined for a particularly nasty accident when he came unstuck on one of his turns.

Muzaton hit an edge which caused one of his skis to give way, before crashing face-first into the snow.

The 30-year-old Olympian then bounced off the snow and spun 180-degrees in the air at incredibly high speed.

Muzaton somehow managed to keep his composure and stick a barely believable backwards landing, before spinning another 180-degrees to face forwards.

The Frenchman's relief was clear for all to see as he finally came to a stop at the bottom of the run.

How the skier escaped unscathed from an incident that could quite easily have left him in a wheelchair was anyone's guess.

Seen here, Max Muzaton somehow averted disaster in his alpine skiing event.
Max Muzaton pulled off one of the greatest escapes in alpine skiing history. Pic: Twitter

The official Twitter page for the Tokyo Olympic Games described it as the 'most incredible save in alpine skiing history'.

Terrifying close call leaves viewers in disbelief

Unsurprisingly, the remarkable incident sent social media into an absolute frenzy.