Allen Lazard

Fearless Forecast: 840 TOTAL YDS, 63 REC, 6 TD
Projected Rank: 52

Video transcript


- Allen Lazard is probably, probably going to be the top targeted wide receiver in Green Bay after Davante Adams was traded this off season. But I'm just not sure how much that's worth. I mean, I will say this for Allen Lazard. Good player. I think he profiles as a role playing big slot receiver. Again, I think he has a lot of rapport with Aaron Rodgers too. Rodgers has publicly called out how much he likes Allen Lazard for like three years now, and he's finally started to get more routine playing time.

They do a lot of creative things with him. They move him into the slot. They use him as a blocker. But there's a lot of guys on this offense that profile slot receivers. Amari Rodgers, a rookie they drafted last year, we'll see what his role is. Randall Cobb is still kicking around there. He's more of a slot receiver. Then you've got guys like Sammy Watkins and Christian Watson who are banged up right now. We'll see how they fill into this offense.

Look, I think with Green Bay, I'm not trying to get too invested in anybody in this receiver unit. I see this as a group where nobody goes over 900 to 1,000 yards but we see maybe like five to six to seven guys, including the tight ends and maybe the running backs, that come anywhere between 500 and 850 yards. So I think that's where Allen Lazard fits in. He's the guy I'm going to rank the highest of this group. But he's not somebody I'm going to be proactively drafting. Again, I've got him right now in that 840 yard range and he's my wide receiver 52.

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