‘Alien corpses’ displayed in Congress by UFO expert

‘Alien corpses’ displayed in Congress by UFO expert

Members of Mexico’s Congress were in for an extraordinary session after a ufologist unveiled two seemingly ‘non-human alien corpses’.

Appearing at the Congress of Mexico, journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan claimed that the two tiny bodies were 1,000-year-old aliens found near the cities of Palpa and Nazca in Peru.

In the clip filmed at the briefing on UFOs at Mexico City’s San Lazaro legislative palace, Maussan addressed politicians before unveiling two boxes that had the ‘non-human’ figures inside.

Addressing Congress, Maussan said: “These specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution... These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilised.”

The figures appeared to feature three long fingers, elongated skulls, and slim bodies — and also looked like they were covered in a layer of sand.

Speaking under oath, Maussan explained that tests had been run on the specimens by the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM). Following the tests, he claims, results found that 30 per cent of the corpse’s DNA couldn’t be identified.

During the hearing, viewers were also shown x-rays of the figures, with the ufologist suggesting that the figures appeared to have eggs inside.

“These are not mummies, these are bodies that are intact, complete, that have not been manipulated inside, and that have a series of elements that make them truly extraordinary,” he said.

The discovery has obviously brought a mix of excitement as well as skepticism across social media.

“If they are so obviously fake as others are suggesting, then why would they even give him the time of day. There must be more to this that we’ve yet to see,” questioned one social media user.

Another wrote: “I didn’t have Mexican officials showing actual alien corpses on my 2023 bingo card. This is wild.”

Nazca, a location close to where the ‘aliens’ were discovered in Peru, is an archeological hotspot due to the discovery of the region’s famous Nazca lines — a collection of giant mysterious geoglyphs that can best be viewed from the sky.

It’s also not the first time that Maussan has discovered ‘alien’ findings.

In 2017, his claims were debunked after the non-human mummies he discovered in the same region turned out to be 100 per cent human.