How Aldi's Food Displays Help Keep Costs Down And Customer Service Up

aldi aisle display
aldi aisle display - Joni Hanebutt/Shutterstock

Aldi, the German grocery chain best known for its bargain prices, has a reputation for being "brutally efficient," from its store layout and design to its fully cross-trained staff members. One of the signature Aldi-isms patrons have come to appreciate is its no-frills food displays that help keep costs down and customer service up.

Aldi's unique approach to food display involves presenting many of its products in the original packaging, often straight from the shipping boxes. Unlike traditional grocery stores that utilize elaborate shelving and intricate displays, Aldi's minimalistic presentation emphasizes efficiency and practicality. By showcasing products in the original packaging, Aldi minimizes the need for excessive handling and repackaging, saving time on the restocking process and reducing labor costs.

The straightforward and uncluttered displays also help customers easily navigate stores, facilitating a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience. Aldi stores also feature far fewer aisles and products than traditional grocery giants in an effort to prioritize savings and help trim overhead operating costs.

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Jacks And Janes Of All Trades

aldi employee stocks produce
aldi employee stocks produce - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Another way Aldi maintains its signature efficiency is to cross-train all its employees and keep its store workforce lean. As part of onboarding training, every employee is trained to tackle all the various functions of the grocer, including cashiering, stocking products, cleaning, merchandising, and more.

Cross-training Aldi employees to perform various functions is a strategic approach that fosters a dynamic and flexible workforce. By equipping employees with the skills and knowledge to handle multiple tasks or job functions, Aldi ensures seamless store operations, even during peak hours or unexpected staffing challenges.

Additionally, cross-training encourages a collaborative and cohesive work environment, promoting a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility among employees. With a versatile and adaptable workforce, Aldi can uphold its commitment to exceptional customer service, ensuring that customers receive the support and assistance they need, regardless of the specific department or area of the store they may require assistance in.

Commitment To Efficiency

aldi items on checkout belt
aldi items on checkout belt - ML Robinson/Shutterstock

Aldi's commitment to efficiency doesn't end with its staff or food displays, either. It extends to the checkout process, too. Ever notice that the cashiers at Aldi aren't standing up like they might at other grocery stores? There's a reason why Aldi cashiers sit down.

It allows them to ring items faster, according to an Aldi employee. "Aldi says that cashiers sit at the register because, according to their testing, it allows us to ring up items faster," Jonah, an Aldi employee who works at one of its Pennsylvania locations, told Mental Floss. "We are given reports at the end of each day for our ringing statistics."

Another Aldi-ism that contributes to an expedited checkout process is the barcodes on products. Most Aldi items have multiple large barcodes all over the packaging so that cashiers don't have to key in on the product's orientation before swiping it across the scanner.

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