Airline passenger shares major hack for picking the best seats on a flight: ‘I needed this’

A TikToker is drawing lots of praise with his simple hack for finding the best seats on a plane.

The tip comes from @maxmilespoints, a TikToker who specializes in travel advice and savings. One of his most recent videos introduced viewers to, an online tool that optimizes seat selection.

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“New favorite tool to pick plane seats,” @maxmilespoints captioned his post.

The TikToker’s clip gave a quick tour of the site, which includes ultra-detailed maps of most planes available to travelers. It provides information not found on most airlines’ websites, as well as more info than comparable sites, which @maxmilespoints called “outdated.”

“The airline usually doesn’t give you enough information about your seat,” @maxmilespoints said in the video.

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Aerolopa’s seat maps feature full views of each plane, sorted by airline. Inside, passengers can see exactly how close they’ll be sitting to the engine, the wings, the exit rows and more. The website also provides exact measurements for legroom in every row, as well as a measurement for how far each seat reclines.

As @maxmilespoints noted, the seat maps also feature window placements, which show how well each seat lines up with a view outside the plane. Several TikTokers said they needed this tool specifically, as “window seats” don’t always have much of a window view.

“Thank you for sharing. I was recently in a window seat, and there was no window,” one commenter wrote.

Other travelers simply praised the tool, and @maxmilespoints’ breakdown.

“I needed this,” one user wrote.

“Just went in and checked out all my business class seats for my next two trips. So helpful!” another added.

The hack comes at a time when many airline passengers are experiencing countless issues.

In a summer full of canceled or delayed flights, the problems have only persisted. On Monday, over 8,000 flights were delayed due to weather issues, according to the Washington Post.

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