“AGT”: 1 Semifinalist's Jokes About Mel B Fall Flat with Heidi, Who Admits 'That Did Not Make Me Like You'

Magician Anna DeGuzman invited Mel B to help with her act on Monday when she made several jokes about the Spice Girl's intelligence that Heidi Klum declared "mean"

<p>Chris Haston/NBC</p> From left: Heidi Klum and Mel B on

Chris Haston/NBC

From left: Heidi Klum and Mel B on 'America's Got Talent: Fantasy League'

Warning: this post contains spoilers from the latest episode of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League.

Anna DeGuzman's magic skills are top notch, but it seems jokes may not be her forte after the latest America's Got Talent: Fantasy League.

Monday's episode of the America's Got Talent spinoff saw the first round of semifinals get off to an exciting start. Though the 10 semifinalists all delivered show-stopping performances, it was Anna's magic act that likely had fans talking the most.

Midway through the episode, the season 18 magician took the stage and immediately invited judges Howie Mandel and Mel B to join her for the routine, which consisted of close-up magic using playing cards and dollar bills.

At one point, Anna held out five playing cards and asked Mel to tell her how many she was holding. Mel hesitated and struggled to answer, admitting, "I didn't know I had to count them!" The crowd then laughed as Anna encouraged them to help Mel answer correctly.

Soon after, Anna asked Mel what color the backs of the cards were. The "Spice Up Your Life" singer quickly responded "red," which Anna confirmed was correct before joking that Simon Cowell "looked so worried for you."

Later during the act, Anna helped guide Mel as they each folded a dollar bill and placed them into Mel's closed palm. For this trick, Mel was given a $1 bill and Anna had a $100 bill. But when Anna pulled one out of Mel's hand and asked her to guess which one she grabbed, Mel responded by saying "[The] 20."

<p>Chris Haston/NBC</p> Anna DeGuzman on Monday's 'AGT: Fantasy League' with host Terry Crews

Chris Haston/NBC

Anna DeGuzman on Monday's 'AGT: Fantasy League' with host Terry Crews

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The crowd erupted into laughter and Anna simply stated, "I don't think that was one of the options." Howie reiterated that it was either a $1 or a $100 bill, and Simon sat at the desk shaking his head.

"It's OK. It's OK, you're pretty," Anna joked in response, which prompted Heidi Klum to quietly say, "That's rude!"

Then, at the end of her performance, Anna asked Mel to read the serial number of the dollar bill she was holding. When Mel correctly read "3" as the first number, Anna quipped, "Wow, she can read!"

That joke didn't sit well with the audience, who all gasped and booed. Heidi looked angry from her seat at the judges' panel while Mel had a skeptical look on her face as well.

Though her magic went off without a hitch, the judges couldn't help but point out her awkward humor in their feedback afterwards, especially after Anna declared, "I always pick the best assistants!"

"I'm not so sure about that," Simon quipped, which led Anna to say, "I should've picked Heidi." When the crowd starting booing again, Anna insisted, "I'm just kidding!" and Howie urged Anna to stay quiet.

Heidi finally shared her thoughts, telling Anna, "I don't know if I loved it this much today, I have to be honest with you. It was a lot of talking, and some of the talking you said, I also didn't love so much. What you said to Mel, that kinda hurt me a little bit. I really, really like you, and that did not make me like you so much."

Anna appeared taken aback by Heidi's comments, telling the model, "I thought we were both joking with each other!" And despite what fans might've thought, Mel also insisted, "I thought so too!"

<p>Trae Patton/NBC</p> Anna DeGuzman during her first round performance on 'America's Got Talent: Fantasy League'

Trae Patton/NBC

Anna DeGuzman during her first round performance on 'America's Got Talent: Fantasy League'

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Simon then interjected, telling his fellow judges, "To be fair, I think Anna was kidding around. However, I don't think you had the best assistance in the world with you, and then the reveal just didn't feel like that big reveal."

Finally, Mel had her moment to talk and used it to set the record straight with Anna. "I really like you," she told the young magician.

"I like you too," Anna responded onstage. "I hope you know I was joking!"

Mel acknowledged that it was simply playful banter and reassured Anna, "That went over my head... I was looking at what you were doing and it was really good, so good for you!"

But Heidi still wasn't convinced. Once Anna had left the stage, she reiterated to Mel, "I thought that was mean towards you!"

Still, Mel was unbothered. "I wasn't listening to her!" she insisted.

<p>Trae Patton/NBC</p> Judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel of 'AGT: Fantasy League'

Trae Patton/NBC

Judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel of 'AGT: Fantasy League'

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As for Anna, she felt the heat of the judges' feedback, telling cameras backstage, "The pressure just got to me and I got really intimidated by all the other championship acts that went before me."

"I hope I get another chance to show them what I have in the final," she added.

Unfortunately, Anna didn't get that chance. Only three acts moved forward to the finals after Monday's episode — two of which were the acts who won the evening's Golden Buzzers.

Singer Kodi Lee, who was originally on Simon's Dream Team, received Howie's Golden Buzzer and will now compete on his team, while aerialist Aidan Bryant, who was on Heidi's Dream Team, was stolen by Mel with her Golden Buzzer.

The final act to move through to the finals was The Pack Drumline, who are on Simon's Dream Team and received the vote of America.

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