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Crows stand by Trigg, Harper

Sportal December 1, 2012, 4:17 pm
Steven Trigg

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Adelaide chief executive Steven Trigg and football manager Phil Harper will return to employment with the club at the end of their suspensions after receiving unanimous support from the Crows board.

Trigg was suspended from working in the AFL for the first six months of next year over his role in the Kurt Tippett affair, while Harper was banned for two months.

Trigg, who has occupied the chief executive role for more than a decade, was also handed a $50,000 fine. His total suspension was one year, though half will be suspended for five years.

The Crows board met on Saturday to decide the fate of Trigg and Harper in reply to the sanctions imposed at Friday's AFL commission hearing.

"The board is united on this," Adelaide chairman Rob Chapman said.

"All decisions of the board are based on putting the club first and ensuring the best overall outcomes for the club.

"We are entering a crucial period for the Adelaide Football Club, with critical decisions to be made, especially surrounding our move to Adelaide Oval, and we believe Steven is the best person to lead us through this period."

Chapman will step into a caretaker role of executive chairman from January 1 at the request of the board.

Adelaide list manager David Noble will act as football operations manager in Harper's absence.

Trigg will return to the Crows on July 1, while Harper, who is on scheduled leave until the end of this month, is due back on March 1.

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  1. Anthony08:55pm Monday 03rd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Why don't we go after the Folaus and the Tippetts and the Bluchers and the Fevolas - they caused all this turmoil and they have their money and can laugh.......... I still think there is time to give Tippett a couple of years surfing on the beach to think about what he has done to so many people whose lives have become hell........Folau should return every cent he was paid because he was a dud.........he is now upsetting Parramatta - the NRL- the ARU and anyone who comes close to him...... What a loser (a very rich loser at that)....... and yes Matt Rendell was stabbed in the back.... I hope he gets back to coaching

  2. Geoff5102:28pm Monday 03rd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    pity adelaide fc didnt stand by matt rendell, club has double standards, must be a boys club in the fc and rendell wasnt part of it, thus was stabbed in the back and thrown out