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AFLPA: Tippett ban too harsh

Sportal December 1, 2012, 7:53 am
Kurt Tippett

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The AFL Players Association believes Kurt Tippett's six-month suspension for his role in the Adelaide Crows' salary cap and draft tampering operation is too harsh.

Ian Prendergast, the AFLPA's general manager of player relations, said the Tippett's sanction will have a far greater impact on his career than those of club executives Steven Trigg and Phil Harper, who were given similar bans for their roles.

The Crows were found to have breached the AFL rules in relation to payments made outside Tippett's standard contract and illegally agreed to a deal to allow the player to move to the club of his choice at the end of 2012.

Prendergast acknowledged the AFL's need to punish the parties involved but felt the respective sanctions were disproportionate for player and executives.

"We note that Kurt Tippett has accepted the penalty handed down by the Commission, and that he has had the opportunity to have independent legal representation throughout this process," Prendergast said.

"We do however have some concerns at the severity of the penalty imposed on the player, given that he was taking advice from senior executives at the club and his advisors.

"Half a season out of a short playing career has a much more serious impact than six months out of a much longer career in administration or management."

With the rulings handed down, Prendergast said the Agent Accreditation Board would now take due diligence and investigate the involvement of the player's agent, Peter Blucher, to find whether or not his actions were in breach of the Regulations Governing Accredited Agents.

"The AFLPA Agent Accreditation Board now has the responsibility to investigate the role of the agent involved," Prendergast said.

"The Agent Accreditation Board will aim to deal with the matter in a timely manner, whilst following due process and providing the agent natural justice."

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  1. Chapelli04:40pm Tuesday 04th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    City of Churches? just bcos you can see a cathedral from Adel oval and some old bat in the 1870s called it that. SA is the least religious state/territory in Oz. Vics are a blight on Oz. Bring back SOO. Robran, Ebert, Blight, Kernahan, Aish, Riciutto, Chapell Bros, Hookes, Lehmann, Gillespie, Fitzgerald, Hewitt - "Morons"?????? You must be of with the fairies Underarm bowler

  2. Grant07:22am Tuesday 04th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Commit the crime, do the time!

  3. underarm_bowler03:20pm Monday 03rd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Yes we were and would be quite happy to plunder players. That's cause they wanted to play in the best comp in the land. Not discounting who would want to live in Adelaide, city of churches and morons

  4. Chapelli02:15pm Monday 03rd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Victorians, Victorians..... Victorians!!! You were quite happy to plunder SA/WA/Tas/NT/ACT in the VFL days. Victorians stopped SOO matches bcos SA/WA were beating you too much for your liking. Crows and Eagles had to PAY to join the AFL- they DID'NT get paid. Crows admitted their guilt-Carlton lied 4ever and a day! Tippet only got found out when he changed his mind in wanting to go to the Swans. If he'd gone to the Suns nobody would've asked a question - the AFL knew this type of thing happened. You can tell a Vic.... but not very much

  5. Anthony01:52pm Sunday 02nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Firstly Tippett got off too lightly 22 weeks with 11 suspended - #$%$! - both he and his manager should have been de-registered - if both of them didn't know what type of contract it was then they are liars...... The crows should have been dealt wiith the same as the Carlton club was....... Victorian people would look at it as a kick in the guts... and I cant blame them........The comments are about AFL and VFL - if the interstate people argue we are a national competition then they should be outraged as well.... I agree there should be a Tas and a NT team in the competition but having two sides in all other states have put pressure on Victorian teams..... Why should they be kicked out - when the AFL cronies are helping the interstaters with huge dollars and not the original teams.......If you want in - do it without help - stop crying like the Lions do - They are a joke!! They lose millions every year and the AFL sorts it out....

  6. underarm_bowler12:45pm Sunday 02nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Who cares about tv or national comp. you ethnics joined our competition. I didn't see us joining the WAFL or SANFL and for good reason. I was quite happy poaching players to play in the best comp in the land Victoria. Give them back their license money and let them go form their own comp. see how big they are without the big vic clubs

  7. Col12:08pm Sunday 02nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    "Underarm_bowler" you seem to conveniently forget that "interstate" and "Victorian" clubs no longer exist in this comp. The AFL is a "national' comp.... I say again a "national comp", if you want to play with each other in Victoria it just underscores what the rest of the nation says about you, that is that you have been playing with each other for so long now .... you have gone blind!!!

  8. andrew08:53am Sunday 02nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    jeholo its allways just been a rebadged vfl league lol but its so funny when the vic sides cant win the flag lol.Where is tassie and nt so much for the afl makeing promises it cant keep,because of the other 12 vic sides time to start getting rid of some 2 teams to each state to start with,so we need 4 more vic teams to go yet,2 for tassie and 2 for nt.The vics are to scared the northern terretory will kick there asses.

  9. Barry Ashton12:32am Sunday 02nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    if the alelaide crows have breached their salary cap then they should expect the the same penalties that the AFL impossed on carlton when they breached there's,endosments off the field should not be part of their contract with their club,just sounds like the AFL is trying to play BIG BROTHER.

  10. Col the Hun11:30pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Underarm bowler you are a typical mexican #$%$All the TV coverage now being offered is because of a national football Comp.Those present surviving Vic sides would be all that could put on a game with three more to fold in the next few years.The only reason they have so many teams at the moment is because of multi dollar deals signed because of the interstate teams.Personally I think the comp would be far better off if we included Tassie and the NT and pissed off all the mongrel Vic sides. At least it would mean that ALL interstate teams would get a fair deal from the umps for a change