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Tippett banned, Crows lose picks

Sportal November 30, 2012, 6:05 pm
Kurt Tippett

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Kurt Tippett will miss the first half of season 2013 and has been fined $50,000 while Adelaide Football Club have been fined $300,000 and barred from the first two rounds of next year's draft for their roles in the highly-publicised salary cap and draft tampering saga which engulfed the club.

Tippett was officially given a 22-match ban, of which 11 games were suspended, and can't participate in the pre-season either.

The Crows won't be able to utilise a father-son selection next year either but may obtain picks from the first two rounds if they trade them in or receive compensation for the potential loss of a free agent.

Meanwhile, chief executive Steven Trigg has been banned for 12 months (six months suspended) from performing any AFL function or attended any league venue and fined $50,000 while football operations manager Phil Harper copped a six-month ban (four months suspended).

Harper's predecessor John Reid also received a 12-month ban (six months suspended).

The suspensions of Trigg, Harper and Reid are effective from January 1.

The AFL Commission reached their deliberations after a marathon meeting on Friday.

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  1. Anthony03:19am Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    this is what one clown of a football player can do to stamp his name for money...... we have seen fevola do it in another way - but with the same result - clubs who support losers will lose a lot more than money.............whoever gets tippet is going to rue the day they did..... I have said it many times before and still no one listens...... each team gets two players they can call A and pay them 500,000 a year each and then 2 called B and they get 400,000 and the 4 called C and they get 300,000 and so on - this keeps perspective in the clubs and no one can poach players and offer them more... Any money the player is offered in incentives such as ads or stuff goes to the club - no need for vulture managers..... and the clubs would prosper and the league would be very rich to do things like get to own a stadium instead of renting it from the cricket people who make millions for doing nothing... .............

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  2. 07:41pm Friday 30th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Crows....Lost 3 ..1st round draft picks + 2.. second round draft picks + Jess White, then had to delist Nick Joyce+... $300,000 fine. High price for a lop-sided 2nd round pick for Tippett + $200,000 farewell gift..... As long as there is $10 of m's to prop up GWS and GCS...... The Crows must be feeling like Shapelle Corby....the penalty does not fit the crime.