Buckley fires back at Swan story

Sportal November 29, 2012, 11:29 am
Nathan Buckley

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With the playing future of his star midfielder Dane Swan under the spotlight, Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has questioned the journalistic veracity of the media reporting of the 2011 Brownlow Medallist's supposed off-field issues.

Swan's off-season behaviour has been the centre of rumour and innuendo for a number of weeks, and with Collingwood chief executive Gary Pert putting the use of recreational drugs by AFL players on the agenda on Wednesday, Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson called for the Pies to sack Swan for his alleged behaviour on Thursday.

In an article which outlined clubs' desire for more rigorous drug testing, she reported that Swan had been questioned about alleged drug use in the off-season and denied it.

In a separate opinion piece, she urged Collingwood to 'seriously consider sacking Dane Swan' saying he had been a law unto himself since the season ended, while not accusing him directly of taking illicit substances.

She continued her assertions on ''3AW'' on Thursday morning.

"I believe that Dane Swan has been a really bad influence all year. The club has asked whether he's taking drugs and he has denied it and that may well be true," she said.

"But I think his cavalier behaviour, and stuff he has been doing off field, and some of the stuff he did during the season has become such a problem that I think it is creating a breeding ground for bad behaviour that could lead to other things."

Buckley has yet to refute any allegations surrounding Swan but did question Wilson's sources, pointing to the fact that the article contained no quotes on the issue from the club.

"Still waiting for your call Caroline...not a quote in sight. Don't ever presume to speak on Collingwoods behalf," he tweeted.

Collingwood are yet to publicly respond on reports of misbehaviour by Swan.

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  1. DOLLARS08:07am Friday 30th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Must have hit a nerve there hey Bucks. I reckon all the collingwood morons are on drugs anyway! Cloke has got dope written all over him...

  2. underarm_bowler12:44pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Why bother defending a story that's by Caroline Wilson, a journalist at best that has no credibility, no football knowledge, is a silly bimbo in a mans world and is only trying to deflect any headlines from the inefficient football club she follows, Richmond. Her employer would do well to have reporting on more important issues that would suit her level of commentary, which may include knitting and cooking

    1 Reply
  3. Andrew01:52pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Bucks is as slippery as an eel anyway. Who'd believe what he said. He's always going to defend his players. Was a great player, but sadly a mongrel as a coach !

  4. greg c01:12pm Sunday 02nd December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Never agreed with underarm before but you're spot on. Wilson writes gutter trash journalism at the worst and kids fiction at best. Doesnt know the first thing about AFL or any sport and all of her stories start with "a source told me" and "my mail is" and has often said people at certain clubs have spoken to her when they havent. She'd be better off writing for New Idea of Who Weekly instead of trying to be a real reporter.