Good AFL records harder to come by

Sportal November 21, 2012, 2:58 pm
Nic Naitanui

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The AFL commission have made it more difficult to qualify for a 'good record' in regards to penalties at the tribunal, while it will take less time to get rid of a 'bad record' from 2013.

The changes to player loading rules are part of a handful of modifications the AFL commission have approved for the 2013 season.

AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson explained on Wednesday there will also be changes to the way sliding feet first and contact below the knees will be judged.

If a player slides in feet or knees first to contest the ball and they make unreasonable contact below the knees of an opponent they will be charged with rough conduct.

Any other contact below the knee will also be judged rough conduct, while the points for a charge of stomping, which comes under misconduct, will be increased to be the same as a penalty for kicking an opponent.

"Discussion around the match review panel and the tribunal on some incidents during the season is always extremely vigorous for the football community and fans but it is our overall view that the system serves the game well," Anderson said.

"Particular cases through a season can draw very strong views and there is always room for the AFL to look at our systems and continue to work to ensure we make improvements where required."

Anderson revealed the AFL commission had also approved changes to player loading rules regarding good and bad records.

Next season players will be considered to have a good record when they are not found guilty of an offence for six, rather than five, years and only then qualify for the 25 percent discount on their penalty.

Players will be stripped of a bad record earlier than they used to, however, with the 10 percent loading only kicking in when a player has been suspended for two or more matches in the past two years, rather than three.

Other changes include that suspensions picked up in the NAB Cup will now be served in the home-and-away season if required rather than held over to the next pre-season.

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