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Crows keep 2012 draft picks

Sportal November 16, 2012, 5:41 pm

Adelaide are free to take part in the 2012 National Draft following the postponement of an AFL commission hearing into the Kurt Tippett saga.

The Crows were expected to be hit with severe sanctions, including the loss of draft picks, at Monday's commission over allegations of salary cap breaches and draft tampering.

But the hearing has been adjourned after the club and football manager Phil Harper requested more time to prepare their submissions.

The Crows face three charges, while Harper, Tippett, chief executive Steven Trigg and former football manager John Reid will also appear before the commission.

"The Adelaide Crows and Mr Harper, as well as Steven Trigg and John Reid will each now be represented separately," the AFL said in a statement.

"Mr Harper, Mr Trigg and Mr Reid have only been able to instruct their new lawyers late in this week.

"The AFL has today advised the club and Mr Harper, as well as Mr Trigg, Mr Reid and Kurt Tippett, that the commission will provide the requested extra time, and that the hearing will not proceed on Monday as previously scheduled, to ensure that natural justice is provided.

"A new hearing date is yet to be set, but will be advised to all parties, the media and the wider football public as soon as it is determined.

"The 2012 NAB AFL Draft will proceed as scheduled next week."

Adelaide will now enter Thursday's national draft on the Gold Coast without any restrictions.

The Crows have picks 20, 54, 64 and 83 in the draft and have already declared their intention to redraft utility Nick Joyce, who was delisted on Thursday to make the league's mandatory three list changes in the wake of the Tippett fiasco.

The hearing is expected to be rescheduled for December and could affect Adelaide's participation in the pre-season and rookie drafts as well as the 2013 National Draft and beyond.

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  1. nicky06:53am Monday 19th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    naughty naughty adelaide you broke the rules but your ok your not victorian club so a little slap on the wrist will be enough punishment

  2. underarm_bowler12:39pm Sunday 18th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Again more bias and favouritism by the AFL to the interstate ethnic clubs. Guess its got lost somewhere they these clubs joined our competition. Just another attempt by the AFL to financially disable the lesser successful and financial clubs in Victoria. Had it been pointed out that agreeing to this national rubbish would come at the demise of many VFL clubs the clubs would not have agreed. Quite happy to give back the money and go back to poaching the players to play in the best competition . How fortuitous it was off me to leave WA and SA to come to the mighty Victoria, home of football

    1. Kiza11:02am Friday 30th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

      Football actually originated in SA it's just that Vic started the national game. South Australia have clubs that are a lot older then your Victorian clubs and the VFL didn't start up until after the SANFL started. You think Vic is the home of football but you are wrong. It's no wonder South Aussies say kick the Vic's you guys are just so arrogant.

  3. Detlev04:46am Sunday 18th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    if anything the AFL look like they are backing away from hitting the crows hard as they need to punish Melbourne more severely for committing sports worst offense throwing a game.As accurate information becomes available the crows offending if the cap isn't breached is mostly tickey touch unlike other clubs doing the same thing. Cancelling Judd's deal says we can't crucify you for what the others are doing. i suspect seeing the legal army being assembled have said to them this may go to a real court and there entire Victorian bias and operational structure is at risk. Point two Rucci where are you as Victorian papers seem to know more than you. Your silence is deafening.

  4. paul m05:14pm Saturday 17th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    feck off

  5. 10:56am Saturday 17th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Geoff51..... The Crows have already lost out on Jess White and pick 23 from Sydney. They have now had to delist Nick Joyce because freeloader Tippett did not/could not nominate for the draft. The Crows have already missed out on a first round draft and two very good players and it hasn't had its day before the commission yet???? You say it is joke that they can now benefit from this years draft???? I am fukced if I know how your head is wired?

  6. Geoff5112:55am Saturday 17th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    its a joke that both melbourne and adelaide are allowed to benefit from this years draft, this shows that the AFL have lost their way at board level, every man and his dog knew that melbourne blatantly were match fixing games, but the AFL turned a blind eye to what they were doing telling every one else that there has been no tanking or match fixing, now they have been caught with their pants down and totally embarrassed as a sporting body, they are also going to be made a complete fool over third party payments, you can bet your life other clubs are doing it besides adelaide

  7. Ln10:13pm Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    they might get to pick but they will lose them