Salary cap concern for Demetriou

Sportal October 16, 2012, 3:30 pm
Mitch Morton

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AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou has conceded it may be time for the league's commission to review cost-of-living allowances outside the salary cap.

In the aftermath of Sydney winning this year's premiership and then looking to recruit Adelaide forward Kurt Tippett, the allowance from the AFL to Sydney clubs to combat players' greater cost-of-living expenses in the harbour city has been criticised.

Both Sydney and GWS are allowed approximately $900,000 more under their salary cap but Demetriou revealed the AFL commission is keen to review it, although he denied it was a 'knee-jerk' reaction to the Swans' attempted recruitment of Tippett.

"I don't think we should make a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that Sydney Swans won a premiership based on their cost-of-living (allowance)," Demetriou said on Tuesday.

"Having said that, it was discussed at the commission yesterday and the commission ... we went back and we've looked at the last time we reviewed this was five years ago and maybe it is appropriate that we collate more information.

"You know, all the (Australian) Bureau of Statistics information, get some experts involved, some third parties and we'll get some more information and bring it back to the commission to have a look at."

Speaking at the AFL's announcement regarding new rules and interpretations for the 2013 season, Demetriou slammed public and media claims that the commission should leave the game alone and avoid rule changes.

While Demetriou and AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson revealed a cap on interchanges would not be introduced next season, the AFL commission have agreed to the idea in principal, effectively paving the way for a restriction to 90 changes per game.

"We don't apologise for making changes," Demetriou said.

"This nonsense that you should put a moratorium on rules for five years and revisit them - if that was the case we wouldn't have a 3-1 (interchange) rule.

"We wouldn't have a much fairer competition ... if that was the case you wouldn't have a ruck rule where the centre circle's shorter and we'd have no ruckmen playing cause they'd all be out of the game with posterior cruciate ligament (injuries) ... of course you look at your rules.

"Moratoriums and time things are garbage."

Demetriou also hit back at claims from Collingwood president Eddie McGuire that a cap on interchanges would lead to players taking EPO, which has notoriously been used by professional road cyclists.

"You know I love Eddie dearly but I thought when I heard those comments he was on something," Demetriou said.

"I'm not sure what he meant by that, it doesn't make any sense to me. There's no correlation."

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  1. MICHAEL02:22pm Thursday 18th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    is it not greed why should one player get say $1 million and another $ 500,000 and another $750,000 or whatever - football - basketball - soccer - rugby - baseball their all the same if it's here or america or the u.k wherever player's are paid stupid amounts of money before it become all about money they played the game an did their other job whatever that might be i think sheedy was a plumber bucks a carpenter ( sorry if that's not right ) etc most people in trades probably are making $500,000 to $750,000 a year if they have big contracts other's around $50,000 give or take why can't the A F L use common sense an make it a set amount like a first year player so much - second year so much etc but for christ sake stop it at a sensible amount for everyone it's like in the trades where two people are doing the same job and work but getting a different hourly rate is that fair " no " same applies here every player runs kicks marks the ball surely an amount of $700,000 a year is enough even after tax if you can't live on that then give up i like $700, 000 a yr an probably most people would , stop been so greedy think about playing for the club an jumper like the greats of the game did not for your back pocket ..... maybe also the AFL should bring in a plan where players put so much money into a fund that covers them for any injuries or accidents that put them out of the game for good ... like i said common sense people please

  2. Dean05:51am Wednesday 17th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Andrew Demetriou the public and critics are correct. No sport on the planet has as many rule changes or change of rule interpretations from season to season like the AFL does. The players hate the sub rule, the hip and shoulder is virtually extinct and if a player so much as glares at someone he gets these ridiculous demerit points and a 2 week whack. What made this game unique was it's unique rules, under Demetriou's tenure the game has been watered down. get rid of the sub rule, get rid of these #$%$ tackling rules and while we are at it is it not time for Demetriou's reign to surely have come to an end?

  3. Str8_609:29pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    There's a very simple way to find out if the extra money is required for "cost of living". Look at EVERY player on the roster's salary. If they are ALL +$20 grand or so then the Club is paying them for the extra cost of living. If not, then they are just taking the extra million to play for better players. Case closed!

  4. underarm_bowler09:05pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Don't waste your time with Geoff tim. He forgets that they all joined our comp, not our teams joining the WAFL or SANFL. Lets just keep giving favours, salary cap concessions and playing concessions to the interstate clubs. They get enough of an advantage travelling every week and in so become acclimatised to travel far easier

  5. Tim Sainter07:36pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    @Geoff...I don't entirely disagree with your comment...but, How does Victoria make it hard for interstate teams to win...IN WHAT CAPACITY? Would that be in the same capacity as the Victorian teams like St kilda,Richmond,Western Bulldogs,Melbourne and Nth Melbourne who don't win premierships very often or The in the capacity that you just are a Victorian hater?....Do tell.

  6. Geoff07:16pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Time to make it as hard as you can Victoria, Brisbane took the flag more often than they should have now Sydney. Adelaide and West Coast have a chance sooner than later and then we have Freo improving each year. Yep. time to tighten the screws on the interstate clubs to keep your dominance.

  7. paul m05:44pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    After watching the information that was aired on four corners last night about lance Armstrong and how easy it is to get away with small dosages I'd be surprised ,if it's not already happening on game day. AS for the swans was Sydney not the second most exsensive city in the world to live . Would you leave all your friends and family if you were earning good money in your home state

  8. Tim Sainter04:19pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    In explaining what ive just said....Would'nt it be fair to all players and teams to have a min of 5-6 players on a interchange bench to help reduce player fatigue? They could still have some ratio of a cap in place i.e; 80 or 90 per game......Wake up Mr Demetriou and other running the AFL show....please!

  9. Tim Sainter04:12pm Tuesday 16th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Let me explain what Eddie McGuire was trying to comment on/tell you Mr Demetriou......The short amount of players on a teams interchange bench 3:1 +sub ratio is putting a lot of strain on players because of the fast pace of the game...They have to play harder than ever and you can only get so much out of a player before one starts thinking about using performance enhancing drugs (epo) to extract the maximum energy from an individual player....Do you understand all that Mr Demetriou....If for some strange reason you don't understand...maybe time for a change for the ceo position of the AFL....?