Caddy always wanted to come back

Sportal October 11, 2012, 6:06 pm
Josh Caddy

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New Geelong recruit Josh Caddy has admitted his heart wasn't in it during his two seasons spent with the Gold Coast.

Caddy, who was traded to the Cats on Wednesday after telling the Suns he wanted to return to his home state Victoria, revealed he didn't enjoy living in Queensland.

The 20-year-old believes he will be a more committed player now that he will be closer to family and friends.

"My heart wasn't completely in it living up there," Caddy told Geelong's official website.

"I always wanted to be back in Victoria and I'm just rapt to be at Geelong.

"I'm a Victorian boy and I'm pretty close with my family and friends and I suppose I just didn't 100 percent love living on the Gold Coast and in Queensland.

"The opportunity was there to come back and AFL footy's pretty hard as it is, and I just decided that I would rather be playing in Victoria.

"I thought I could give more and get more out of myself being happy in the environment I'm in."

But Caddy did admit that the decision to leave Gold Coast wasn't made lightly given he is convinced they will eventually become an ominous outfit with the wealth of young talent on their list.

"I've got no doubt they're going to be a successful side ... with all the young guys they've got up there it's going to click at some stage," Caddy said.

"I had to weigh all that up when I left."

Caddy said he crossed to Geelong because the place is 'pretty special'.

"I came down here a couple of weeks ago and there was something about this place that is pretty special," Caddy said.

"(I) met with Jimmy Bartel and Joel Selwood and those guys just made me feel really welcome and I just liked their character as soon as I met them and it just appealed to me and I just decided I wanted to come to Geelong."

And the youngster doesn't believe the Cats are due to slip down the ladder after being near the top for the past five seasons.

"I don't read into that at all because I watched on TV the other week when their VFL side won the flag," he said.

"There's a lot of great players and champions of the game that have left the club in recent times but ... I don't think this club will ever be down the bottom or anywhere near it."

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