All-Australian squad revealed

Sportal September 4, 2012, 5:56 pm
Patrick Dangerfield

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Adelaide and Geelong have had the most nominations for the 2012 All-Australian side, with five players from both the Crows and the Cats selected in the initial 40-man squad.

The Crows have had Patrick Dangerfield, Sam Jacobs, Brent Reilly, Scott Thompson and Taylor Walker nominated, while Corey Enright, Tom Hawkins, Tom Lonergan, Joel Selwood and Harry Taylor have been picked from Geelong.

In a clear sign of Adelaide's turn of form this season, Dangerfield, Jacobs, Reilly and Taylor have never been nominated for All-Australian honours before, while Thompson has never been selected in the final team.

The 40-man squad will be whittled down to a 22-man side to be announced on September 17.

All eight teams that will participate in the AFL finals have had players selected, with North Melbourne and Fremantle the two teams with the least representatives.

Luke McPharlin and Matthew Pavlich are the two Dockers to make the cut, while Andrew Swallow and Drew Petrie from the Kangaroos are also included.

Of the 18 AFL clubs, five have missed out on having a player nominated, while three clubs have only had one picked in the 40-man squad.

Of those, Gold Coast's Gary Ablett and Jobe Watson of Essendon should both make the final team, while Eddie Betts of Carlton could find it tough against St Kilda's Stephen Milne for the small forward position.

Despite finishing 12th, Richmond are one of five clubs to have four players selected, with Trent Cotchin, Brett Deledio, Ivan Maric and Jack Riewoldt the individuals who impressed.

Minor premiers Hawthorn also have four representatives in Grant Birchall, Lance Franklin, Sam Mitchell and Cyril Rioli, while there are also quartets from St Kilda, Sydney and West Coast.

'''Full 40-man All Australian squad:'''

Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide), Sam Jacobs (Adelaide), Brent Reilly (Adelaide), Scott Thompson (Adelaide), Taylor Walker (Adelaide), Eddie Betts (Carlton), Dayne Beams (Collingwood), Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood), Dane Swan (Collingwood), Jobe Watson (Essendon), Luke McPharlin (Fremantle), Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle), Corey Enright (Geelong), Tom Hawkins (Geelong), Tom Lonergan (Geelong), Joel Selwood (Geelong), Harry Taylor (Geelong), Gary Ablett (Gold Coast), Grant Birchall (Hawthorn), Lance Franklin (Hawthorn), Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn), Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn), Drew Petrie (North Melbourne), Andrew Swallow (North Melbourne), Trent Cotchin (Richmond), Brett Deledio (Richmond), Ivan Maric (Richmond), Jack Riewoldt (Richmond), Sean Dempster (St Kilda), Lenny Hayes (St Kilda), Stephen Milne (St Kilda), Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda), Kieren Jack (Sydney), Lewis Jetta (Sydney), Josh Kennedy (Sydney), Ted Richards (Sydney), Dean Cox (West Coast), Darren Glass (West Coast), Nic Naitanui (West Coast), Beau Waters (West Coast).

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  1. dysko10:30am Thursday 06th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Sad sad Brad. If its "real football" as in soccer the soft #$%$ call is a bit pot kettle, if its NRL IT AINT FOOTBALL. Throwing a ball buddy my 4 year old can do that, having trouble kicking and catching kicks but. I do love the NRL though but its an easy non skilled based code where toughness is key. Put the ball in the air and play the ball and not the man. Any idiot can run at a bunch of blokes who they can see. The AFL ozzie team is a bit of a lark though, more recognition than anythin.Areel twin bro, if your codes so great why cant you get anyone to go watch it? Soccer they gotta sing to keep the boredom away League lazy supporters'd rather stay home on the couch and channel surf. AUSSIE PROUD

  2. underarm_bowler08:13am Wednesday 05th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    as an explanation to all our non australian friends, we dont not only care that its not a world game, we dont want it to be a world game. you can continue playing sissy ball all you want, just dont bring it here, and the violence associated with it.An all aussie team is just a team supposedly comprised of the best players from all the AFL team. It does not mean its a team that has too play another team. Get It???????

  3. Richard07:11am Wednesday 05th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Instead of an all Australian team, how about this: two (or three) teams are selected - the selectors take turns choosing players and have the teams play off in some sort of tournament. As it stands its all a bit theoretical and open to the donkey bray comments herein. And what does it matter the rest of the world does not (yet) play the most athletic, skilled, fast footy game ever invented? Times change. It's just too easy to ridicule the 'world game', the 'game they play in heaven' (barf) and NRL. So we AFL lovers are compassionate to the deluded and less fortunate. Anyone take note of the crowd numbers? Or were they too busy watching Chad play Sierra Leone?

  4. [Weird phil ]07:06am Wednesday 05th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    What get's ME is IF this game is so GREAT.WHY is it NOT .PLAYED as a main GAME in other COUNTRY'S.?????????????or IS it SO bad that it will not Take on on that COUNTRY.???????

  5. Brad06:04am Wednesday 05th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    So this australian squad will play games against india,china or japan oh wait this inferior game of dropsy isnt known outside this country. soft game for poofs long live real football worldwide game

  6. underarm_bowler10:38pm Tuesday 04th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    can someone tell me how a receiver, never get the hard ball, betts gets in the Australian team. surely you would pick, if any blue girl players, murphy or chicken wing before betts

  7. Red_Herring09:52pm Tuesday 04th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    hahahaha best in the world?...what other country plays your gaylick football?...NONE!!!

    1 Reply
  8. Anthony09:26pm Tuesday 04th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    For all you rugby creeps who have a go at australian rules - the game is the best football in the world - the all australian team is the best in the world (obviously) - they do not need to play anyone.. - this is australian rules for australians - if you are australian and dont like it - get out - we do not want lizards like you in this land - for those who do like it - well done - be proud - rugby league - union - soccer (ugh) - i suppose fools have to like something..............................something simple.... Go overseas - go aussie rules!!!!!

    3 Replies
  9. John08:45pm Tuesday 04th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Scott Thompson from North Melbourne very stiff! Has become one of the game's best defenders.

  10. Jeff08:17pm Tuesday 04th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    no doubt about it, this team is the best in the world